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  1. I like to manage flow, so I have multiple filters as I strongly believe in over filtering. The ideal would be a central oversized system. But i don't have the set up for that. Also, I like redundancy as I am a procrastinator when it comes to filter maintenance. I believe Goldfish should have maximum swimming space as they are really more suited to ponds. Fancy goldfish especially tend to injure themselves easily on decorations. I'm not sure that they are bored. Thanks for the kind words.
  2. Thanks!! I like filtration. thanks! Thank you. Thanks!!!
  3. LOL! What happend? I love that shade of blue, its very tranquil Lol, nothing. It's just that black backgrounds are too dark. Especially for happy fish like goldfish.
  4. I've never been a big fan of black backgrounds - to dark and scary... I've always been partial to blue/grey backgrounds coupled with strong led lights.
  5. Thanks. I love tall tanks. The blue was left over from my daughters room I really like your avatar.
  6. I love finding nice gems at LFS'! Thank you for your kind words!!
  7. Thanks, they are great fish. Its rare to find so boxy a fantail with such nice colour.
  8. These are realatively new additions to my fishroom. The fantail is approximately 4 months old and the ryukin is 3 months old. The ryukin was added as a chum for the fantail. The Fantail is outrageously boxy in shape. I love finding gems like this at LFSs. The Ryukin is less out of the ordinary but has a brilliant coat of pure gold, black, blue, white and chocolate scales. Take particular note of how the filter intake tubes are staggered to draw water from the lower and upper water (left to right) columns respectively. Enjoy:
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