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  1. I will however add that while i may not do everything by the book it works well for me. I would not however recommend someone keep goldfish with less than 10x turnover. Unless they do water changes like i do. I only know 2 guys that change the water in their fishrooms like i do and both are discus breeders. Its not uncommon to walk into my fish room and see fish flooping around in empty tanks!

  2. It might be too much current for them. They're thin and flat like a piece of paper. :lol So a strong current is going to be really hard on them.

    Angel fish are thin and flat like discus because the come from the amazon river! They are use to lots of current! They have a very thin profile to help cope with all the flow! When facing the current they have a very small profile and the water does not catch them. now if a discus or andel turns sideways in the current they are like parachutes and will catch all the flow and end up downstream making for a quick escape. Not a bad design when you live in turbulant water. I will however agree that the standard rule of thumb for tropicals is 4 times per hour.

  3. The secret to keeping angelfish is to get them in groups of at least 6. This makes it possible to spread the aggression among the other fish. I have only had problems with angelfish aggression in small groups. Anytime a pair is involved things can get out of hand. I would almost bet you are going to wake up tomorrow with a nice clutch of eggs. I have kept many angels including wild caught ones. Fang the reason you see 6-12 angels in a 55-90 gallon tank is because that is how you keep them. They are a schooling fish with a pecking order. If you do not have a school of them the dominate one will whip the other fish. With 6-12 fish the dominate fish has more fish to pick on which in turn helps them all from aggression. Not to mention it enables the weaker ones to occasionally get a few cheap shots in to keep the aggressor at bay. An aggressive fish has a harder time being aggressive if there is more fish to pick on and to challenge their authority. Another side note never add just one angelfish at a time to an established tank it will likely be killed by the established fish. I always add angelfish in groups.

  4. A good rule when guessing the amount of fry you have is to guess then double that number! It is amazing how many fry can fit in such a tiny space! Its hard to estimate the amount of fry you have when you have a ton. I would be more in line with kokos guess.

  5. LOL. I noticed the shirt too.

    I know I keep saying this but I can't believe how tiny the fry are! We had discus fry all the time and they for some reason seem bigger than these guys. So excited!! Post lots of updates please :D

    Thats because they are. Discus fry look like giants compared to goldie fry. Discus also grow at a ridiculous rate the first week. They practically double in size daily. What kind of discus did you raise?

  6. They're getting so big! How old are they now, Patti?

    The oldest ones are around 3 1/2 months the younger ones are about 2 - 2 1/2 months. I see more telescopes and wens popping up everyday! Have yet to see a telescope with a wen though :(

  7. I decided i would snap a few pics of the kids. They are getting their daily water change which makes getting the group a bit easier. There is a good variety of colors so far. Alot of white and orange. I think some will continue to change as time goes on.



  8. I think the hardest part would be keeping it trimmed and the plants small enough to stay in it. With the 10's i have done that was not easy i could only imagine a 5 gal. I would think a reef would actually be easier since stuff grows much slower.

  9. I have had a few planted 10's and i did do a 3 for a couple of weeks but my homemade canister filter did not work as well as i had hoped. The aqualifter kept getting plugged up. I wanted to make a filter that took up as little room as possible it just did not work as planned. The only other options i had were a hang on or a sponge and neither could be hid well so i gave up.

  10. pretty cool i have tried a small planted tank but kinda lost interest in it lol. I do find other peoples fasinating though. I think it is too cool when you can make a little tank look as cool and scaped as a huge one. I want a pico so bad i have several 3 gallons laying around here I keep tripping on :)

  11. Most of the eggs have hatch already today there is a few more that are still hatching but the numbers are good. I definately got more from the calicos there are several thousand of those. The red/whites I would guess several hundred maybe a thousand but probably not quite that many.

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