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  1. Most of the eggs have hatch already today there is a few more that are still hatching but the numbers are good. I definately got more from the calicos there are several thousand of those. The red/whites I would guess several hundred maybe a thousand but probably not quite that many.
  2. I personally do not use prazi. I feel meds should only be used when needed. Others may disagree?
  3. what kind of goldies are the parents? In all the excitement i forgot to ask
  4. 2 days ago i caught my ryukin tank inhabitants getting frisky! I first noticed my female red/white playing in the mops with a calico male. First thought was dang a bunch of mutts then i noticed the female calico and male red/white was also getting in on it. To prevent cross contamination I hand spawned a batch of calicos and a batch of red/whites. Today we have eyes looking back from both batches. Hopefully they will hatch in the next 24-36 hours. I think tis the season seems to be alot of activity in the breeding forum the last week or 2.
  5. You could use first bites until then. Dont feed them the first day though they still have their yolk sacs for the first 24hrs or so.
  6. sweet deal! Looks like you already got good advice I just wanted to say nice work! Tomorrow you should have free swimmers.
  7. The only way i have found to be 100% sure on the sex of a goldfish is to catch them spawning. Some people can vent them but they look to similar to me so i dont even try. I will also add that my female calico ryukin has better breeding stars than any of my males so breeding stars are NOT a sure way to sex a fish.
  8. O come on now they will be ok! Until you forget to feed the jewel
  9. Aquabid depends on the seller. I have sold fish on aquabid and it just depends on what you decide to charge. It works just like ebay.
  10. Here are a few pics of 2 of the fish. Its hard to see but when you look at the ones that do not have any wen then look at one of these 2 it is noticable. Sorry about the low quality photos
  11. I think it may have been just a color change phase. I have a few that are tri colored but the black is goin away. Yesterday i did however notice tiny little wens on a few!
  12. my wife had pea puffers before. She loved them I did not as much.
  13. Im not to fond of dwarf puffers you cant see them. At least i can't I prefer a big giant pretty discus over a little tiny speck of a fish
  14. Tropical fish suck! What harsh words. I love my tropicals. I starting keeping goldfish only because my daughter liked them and they grew on me. I will forever be a fan of the round flat fish!
  15. I have had these guys before. I know a guy that breeds them commercially. It is the same gene they use in the glo fish to my understanding.
  16. I have seen alot of them and would love to build a large one someday. If i were going to do it I would reinforce it with a layer of fiberglass. The paint really worries me it is very thin and a scratch to it would result in what David said a leaky tank with a rotten bottom.
  17. I just got a mental pic of Helen with a 40gal strapped to the top of an F40 I would totally pay to see that one!
  18. Sweet! I have never had any glo fish but have had a uv reactive axolotl. I am not sure what to think about them? They are very cool but very unnatural. I guess you can always count on the goldie keeper to like the unnatural The cool thing is they will breed true, but since they are patented it would be illegal to sell the fry. Don't ask me how you patent an animal but apparently they are? I have had a few friends that have spawned them and from what they have told me the eggs are uv reactive as well.
  19. Here you go the new guy/girl. They had a few more nice ones but this one was my favorite. The guy will have to stay in Qt for awhile since the tank was kinda dirty and the fish looked a bit stressed. I had to save this one and get it in some nice clean water.
  20. Ok so i went to the LFS today and had a relapse! pics to follow
  21. not a bad haul! I figured there was a few more in there. I miss my cichlid breeding days sometimes. Seeing baby cichilds always brings a smile to my face. I am especially fond of the yellow labs.
  22. I find this topic interesting. First i guess i dont understand the gel food reason or concept. Is there a reason for making it gel? or is it just the ingredents that use for the anti floating properties that make it gel? I make alot of the food i feed my fish but never add anything to make it gel. I only have one ryukin that likes to get floaty. When I feed my homemade green mix it helps alot though. My buddy and I usually get together and make around 30-40 lbs of food when we do it every few months.
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