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  1. Just from personal experience. What i believe you have going on here is a case of the "chloromine blues". I have used RO water for years and if your local water uses chloromines you will have a issue with ammonia out of the RO. DI will not remove it either. What happens is chloromine is chlorine bonded with ammonia and when you carbon filter water with chloromines it breaks the bond removing the chlorine and leaving behind toxic ammonia! The only way i have found to remove chloromines is through the use of catalatic carbon. The problem with that is it needs a 2 minute contact time to actually absorb the remaining ammonia so you must flow the water though it really slow. The reason i found out about this was not the way to find it out. My best friend and I were at his house and were doing water changes on his discus. We put prime in 4 of the 5 tanks we did water changes on and let the tanks fill with RO while we went to get a 6 pack and some smokes. When we came back 5 nice breeders were laying on the bottom motionless in the tank we didn't put prime in! We immediatly put prime in their tank and within 30 min all were swimming around fine. When we tested the water it had 1ppm ammonia in it. We tested the tap and 0. Talk about confusing! Next we tested a tank with prime in it 1ppm, but the fish were fine. Prime will detoxify ammonia but most test kits will still pick it up. Unless you have a kit that will test for both free and total ammonia. Most kits only test for total. I know Seachems will test for both API kits will not. After much reseach we discovered my buddy had a case of the "chloromine blues". I learned 2 things from this

    1. Chloromines and RO machines do not mix

    2. Prime is a gift from God.

  2. I just got done battling it in my 40 and I tried everything to rid it. Finally i just used Mardel Maracyn and presto it was gone. I used 2 doses 2 days apart. The tank was fully stocked with fish and i didn't lose a one. I used it as a last resort though. The only thing i have found that would eat the stuff is Ameca splendens. My infestation was bad enough they couldn't keep up though. All i hope is that it stays away!

  3. Glad to see trouble gotten rid of before it got out of hand. Its not the best idea to make something like that your first few posts on a forum. Not to get anyone fired up but do people actually eat them (besides frat boys)? I know it is hard to believe someone would eat something they keep as a pet. Honestly I do. I have a breeding group of bluegill that i caught. I have ate many bluegill. Although i have never ate a fish I have kept as a pet ;) In many countries they eat horses. In some countries they believe eating beef is a sin. I feel it is a logical question although not something i would personally do.

  4. Ask him when the last time a saltwater fish sold for a 100K. Koi have sold that high. SW guys have such huge egos. I keep some SW but fresh water is where its at! SW is so overrated. Not much variety as far as fish go. Everyone has a pair of clowns and a tang. Pretty lame if you ask me. As far as being hard SW is way easier. It's great for lazy fish keepers that don't like tank maintenance.

  5. I was unsure of exactly how many tanks we have running at the moment so i counted them and there was a few more than i thought :doh11: We have 28 tanks with 1,181 gallons not including sumps. For you metric using goldie lovers it's 4,470 liters.

  6. I and most here would agree with you that carbon is not needed unless removing meds. But, Ashlee has a 180 gallon tank. Sponge filters are just not very practical for a tank that large. Sponge filters are very useful for helping hold a cycle though.

    I vote canister then

  7. Patti, can you elaborate on what you mean a little bit?

    In the majority of my tanks i use sponge filters like these http://www.kensfish.com/files/hydro__3.jpg I use HOB on some tanks but even then I usually use a sponge filter as well. I believe they are the best for biological filtration. They also do really well mechanically. I personally hate carbon so not being able to run it does not bother me. All i use carbon for is to remove meds and usually just prefer to do a few big water changes. I haven't used carbon on any of my tanks in probably 2 years.

  8. I really like this rack it has 6- 5's and 2- 20H. It is metal and the racks are on sliders! Here is a few pics so you can see what i am talking about. In this pic you can see the 3-7' tanks not long after setup.

    This is in the normal position


    Notice the 5 gals now? All the racks pull out so it is easier to work in ;)


  9. I have a few pet stores around here that will take some and have a few friends with ponds that would take a few as well. Of course i plan on keeping the coolest one of the group. I breed lots of other fish and am a brutal when it comes to culling so i figure only a handful will be kept. I already see a few with deformed spines.

  10. WOW!!! I love all your Tanks :) Oh to have that many and not have back pain ;) lol

    My back does get a bit sore sometimes moving water, but i just recently got a mag 7 to put in my aging barrels! I just need to get a long enough hose to hit all the tanks. I'm just an everyday guy with an addiction! Sometimes I can't afford to get it all at once but at least the expensive part is paid for :krazy:

  11. If you are refering to Soleirolia soleirolii then they are not the same. I'm not sure if mine are Hemianthus callitrichoides or Hemianthus micranthemoides. They are aquatic and to my knowledge cannot grow emersed. Then again I could be wrong about that ;)

    Thanks for the reply. Will see if I can lay my hands on Hemianthus - they really do look good in your tank.


    If you want some let me know. I wish i would have known yesterday I trimmed a bunch of it and took it to he pet store. If you want to give some a try let me know and I will mail you some all you would have to do is pay shipping. It really likes a lot of light and CO2 helps. That tank has 6- 24" NO T5s and is injected. I plan on getting a 6 valve manifold for my CO2 reg and running 6 tanks on it. I need to upgrade my 5 lb bottle to a 20lb.

  12. If you are refering to Soleirolia soleirolii then they are not the same. I'm not sure if mine are Hemianthus callitrichoides or Hemianthus micranthemoides. They are aquatic and to my knowledge cannot grow emersed. Then again I could be wrong about that ;)

  13. Thank you all for the compliments. Lennard that is Baby Tears. These pics were from a month or 2 ago when i was in the middle of moving out a bunch of cichlids. I have been working on getting things back in order. I am about rid of most of my cichlids so I will be focusing on plants, rainbows, cories, and wild type livebearers.

  14. I am new around here since i just started keeping a goldfish tank about a month ago. This has been a very informative site. I have found lots of awesome info on goldfish here. I thought i would post a few pics of our families fish room. I have a few tanks in my living room but most of them are kept in the basement. Here you go our work in progress.








    The King and Queen of the fish room Proven Pair WC "Rio Nhumanda" Blue Discus


  15. thank you for the video! That is sweet. Currently i have them in a 5 gallon but i have a tank that is 7'x18x14 that is empty to grow them out in when they get a bit larger. I have 2 central air pumps in my fish room so i have the strong air pump covered.

  16. Tell me more about this fry-safe sponge filter. Do you have a link or pics of one? I pulled the mops out today and if i had to guess would say there is at least 100 free swimmers. Does anybody have any ideas what the babies will look like? Both parents were gold fantails. Will they throw other colors and fin varieties?

  17. Last night i went into my basement to feed all the fish and noticed my daughters goldfish acting strange. So i sat down to see what was up. Much to my surprise they were breeding!! I started looking in the spawning mops and noticed some eggs. I pulled those mops and added some new ones so i could be sure to get my chance at trying to raise the fry before the fish ate them. We have only had them around a month.

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