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  1. Holy Moly they are awesome!! :clapping:

    You reached the 3 month mark you are home and dry!!!!! :thumbs:

    Now comes the "finding homes" bit, lots of fun ...um... :no: .

    They all look super healthy and nice and plump, can't wait to see little tiny wens :carrot:

    Thank you Trinket. Just an update i got a new tub installed and filled yesterday. I put in a few seeded sponge filters and a total of 67 juvies. The tub i bought is a 300 gallon. The dimensions are approximately 7'x4'x2'. I am hoping to get another one as soon as the farm store gets one back in stock.

  2. Chillers are nice if you need one. They do however eat the power. I have never personally owned one. When i was gainfully employeed my boss had a reef tank with around 500 gallons system volume and had all the hi tech stuff on it. I was always the one in charge of plumbing and wiring in all the new equipment and maintaining it. He had a 1/4 hp oceanic chiller, it seem i was always messing with it. The computer board, and the fan both went out. It was awesome but its just one more thing to go wrong. It is basically a small a/c that you run water through. I have seen alot of DIY chiller plans that use a small refrigerator and a coil of tubing to cool the water. Chillers are expensive, give off a ton of heat (some people vent them outside) and burn up the energy.

  3. That is a nice batch of fry! It looks like the tails are already splitting. Did you get many single tails? O sorry about the brine shrimp sticker shock. They are expensive but a can last me most the year. the little bottles at the pet store last about 3 days.

  4. Looks like you should have some eggs in no time! I for sure disagree with everything i have read about a goldfish must be 2 years and 5 iches before they start to breeed. I have gotten fertile spawns out of a male ryukin that can't be much over 2"! I would also guess his age less than a year. If it was a 2 year old fish it would have HUGE eyes compared to its tiny little body. Heck i just looked over just in time to see the little guy getting dirty as i was hitting the submit button.

  5. I get them from the LFS or i order them from kensfish.com or if i am in a big hurry i get them on aquabid from a guy named MVP. He gets them to me usually in 2 days. Mark is easy as all get out to deal with and can ship you a nice handful priority for under $5.

  6. I just use bags or buckets. I have had to move fish before and its not to bad. I like bags better personally since they are easier on the fish if they get slammed into the side of the container during the move. Other than that all i can say is good luck with the move. Its not near as hard as it is stressful.

  7. what ever you do, please do not use cinder blocks! They are known to break under weight. I have know people to use them holding cars and have had them break. As far as furniture goes for a stand. Like you said jump on it and if you are worried have a friend jump on it with you. While you think your small weight may not be comparable. Jumping on it is dynamic weight, setting a fish tank on is static weight. Dynamic weight is much harder to hold.

  8. I still like my LFS i can see where they come from. Everybody that walks in there store is a self proclaimed expert. I have worked at fish stores before and dealt with all kinds of fishkeepers. I would always try to believe the person to an extent but if I really wanted to know how "serious" the were I would just ask them to bring a "sample" of their work. If you had better guppies than the store your the new guppy guy ;) I once had an old guy probably 70 or 80 that could barely speak english bring me some of the biggest, best guppies i have ever laid eyes on. My only questions were how much and how many you got? Wanted to ask where the good ones were? I know he dropped off the "culls" :) Days like that made dealing with people that "knew" more than me you worth it. I am no expert but I am dang handy with a siphon.

  9. I have no hate the look on the owners face was priceless when i brought him a mop full of eggs from a group of goldfish i left the store with 12 hours earlier. HAHA SUCKER :thud Or better yet knowing i "trimmed" my 40B and stocked 1/4 of the plants in his fish room ;)

  10. They like to hire hippie's ;) It is Lawrence you know? If you would have forgot to wash your hair for 3 months and had some awesome dreads you would have been totally in! I forgot to cut mine for 6 months but apparently washing it got me thrown out of the running :hummm I think i got a message that said i was 1 in 49!

  11. My mum who is an animal lover and absolutely cannot get enough of anything nature related on TV. Anything with David Attenborough or Simon King is essential viewing as far as she is concerned. However, she thinks that keeping any animal in a bowl, tank or cage is animal cruelty. She can't understand the difference in keeping a fish in a bowl compared to keeping a fish in a 65 gallon tank. She firmly believes that all animals should be swimming/running free and people who keep exotic pets (anything except a cat or dog) have willingly substituted that animals rights for their own gratification. She told me that whether i think keeping fish in tanks is cruel or not all i have done is decided on a level of animal cruelty that suits my needs and then that results in me trying to justify it and convince myself that it isn't animal cruelty.

    You speak wise words my friend :) I have always believed that all humans are cruel. The question is to what extent? This is where you get those that do cruel acts (the ones killing and profiting) and those that order them done (the consumer) sometimes the problem with this is the ones ordering the cruel acts done do not know it is happening.

  12. Though this topic is a few days old, I think it's important for me to mention that American bison were systematically slaughtered (the government paid people to kill them!) to take away plains Indians' livelihood, leaving them starving and much more likely to surrender to the military and not fight back when forced into reservations.

    The fact that we now use this land for farming is secondary.

    Otherwise, good job, everyone. I enjoy watching people discuss animal-related ethics in a civil, honest way. :)

    While you have a point it was also used as a war strategy we do not give nuisance licenses to farmers today to kill the deer to protect their crops for anything other than economic gain. Although most people are unaware this practice does exist and is still in use today. I have no hate toward people for their choice in eating veggies i still eat them just not alot. I just wish that the vegetable industry could not advertise and sell they are animal friendly. I can see why some people get weirded out by the thought of eating something they would keep as a pet. That is a very understandable reason for someone to not eat meat. As far as the goldfish thing yeah its not ideal at all but lets all hope that the little guys get to be in better care than most of us imagine. If its left to the pros its cool by me. Surgery is a dangerous thing but in the hands of the correct professionals it can have good results!

  13. I swear,the people who work at pet stores,especially the aquatics section, should have to go through some kind of test to see how much they actually know. =/

    This one kid I saw at PetCo today while I was getting my test kit was squatting in front of this poor Porcupine Puffer's tank,saying,"Mommy look,a puffer fish! I wanna see him puff up!" The mother just kneeled down next to the kid and said,"ooh,isn't he pretty" while the kid started rapping on the glass. Dx

    I had to go over and tell him and the mother that making them puff isn't good,that it stresses them out. Thankfully she actually listened to me.

    People theses days....

    I know exactly how you feel the only problem is the people administering the test DONT know the answers themselves! I love the shirts at my LFS they say "Im 1 of 50" meaning they take pride in only hiring one in 50 applicants. I applied and never got an interview. Thats ok though they can continue to do 20% weekly water changes on their overstocked goldfish tanks and I will continue to laugh at their pathetic shirts!

  14. Long story short, my landlord used my water changer to deal with our toilet. Now I need to clean it inside and out somehow. Any recommendations?

    I would take my python and beat my landlord with it until they bought me a new one! I would be a bit more than aggravated if someone fixed a toilet with my python. As far as disinfecting it bleach and hot water is what i would use,


    LOL my sentiments exactly........i would tell him to keep it (for his future use) and to get him to get you a brand new one. But if not, bleach & hot water. The hot water may warp the plastic pipe, so run cold water straight after the hot water.

    I have actually found that hot water help mine to remain flexible. Maybe it is just me. I have noticed a huge difference in the python brand tubing versus the other brands. I find the pythons are much more flexible and easier to use than Lee's or Aqueon brands. Just my preference though any beat carrying water with buckets.

  15. I would choose a standard 75 since they are commonly available and are a good size for larger goldfish than a standard 55 due to the depth (front to back) of the tank. A 55 is 12" and a 75 is 18". It gives your fish much more room to turn around plus an increase in surface area to aid in oxygen exchange.

  16. Long story short, my landlord used my water changer to deal with our toilet. Now I need to clean it inside and out somehow. Any recommendations?

    I would take my python and beat my landlord with it until they bought me a new one! I would be a bit more than aggravated if someone fixed a toilet with my python. As far as disinfecting it bleach and hot water is what i would use,

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