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  1. Thank you guys for the kind comments. I have been working away at the house trying to get the living part painted and just waiting on the flooring to be delivered. Once the living area is done then i get to work on the fish rooms. I have somehow misplaced my camera so i cant update with any pics :no: As soon as i locate it i will take some pics of the babies. I got a large percentage of calicos so i am pretty excited about that :)santa As far as the new house i cant wait to get moved in my buddy and i put up the mailbox yesterday. We had to dig the hole twice since we put it on top of the culvert drain :clapping: We were messing with it for over 30 minutes and not a car drove by to laugh at us idiots it was rather nice. On a side note I did run into a copperhead last weekend which did not excite me to much considering i am deathly afraid of snakes.

  2. I have been working way to much on the new house and not near enough in the fish room. FInally got water today at the house. We had to wait for the water company to install a new meter so thats always nice. I did get an ariel view of the new house via google earth. Its impossible to see from the road. Besides the trees being in the way its about 100-200 ft higher than the road. Walking up the driveway sucks!


  3. sometimes it will grow fast enough that the fish will only be trimming it for you. But with most goldies most plants are on the menu. I do ok with water lettuce on my goldie tanks. Sometimes they will eat the roots though.

    Water lettuce ? is this in a tank or pond? :)

    Tanks I have lots of it probably a 12 sq ft of tanks covered in it. BIg ones, small ones, some the size of your head ;)

  4. sorry i will get some more pics as soon as i can. Its been pretty hecktic around here. I think i will be getting keys to the new house this week though :) Then i get the fun of moving them all :krazy:

  5. He has an isolation pond for the fish that are either up for auction or going to be soon, but I'm not sure how long they stay there or how he picks them. The ponds were big.

    That sounds pretty craptastic to me :( I will not be putting my money or kids on the line for an importer with no QT system. Thank you Elli for the video:) It really sucks since his fish look freaking amazing in the photos.

  6. I do not have personal experience with his fish though so you must use caution anytime you get fish from someone you have never dealt with. I will always test the waters for lack of better terms and get a single fish or small order. I do like how Raingarden is by far the most transparent of them all. Pics of all angles and most have video. I plan on getting fish from him as well :) Then maybe i could give an opionion on other than pics. I find it odd that he has gravel in the tanks period but maybe that is just me?

  7. I have not but plan on ordering from him at sometime. His fish are nice from what i can see in the pics and his prices really arent that bad. Look at a $120 raingarden ranchu and look at his $120 ranchu and ask yourself which you would rather have. Now if $30-50 is more your style i would call raingarden. Just my opionion :) And if i must say about goldfishconnection i will say they get some stunners in as well. It all depends on what you feel comfortable spending on a goldfish. Everyone has their limit.

  8. Here are a few pics of the filter i built a few years back i have never ran. We may test it out and see how it does. I need to get some new pvc glue as i found mine dried up. I will play with a few different pumps to see what works the best.




  9. Wow, 300G tub, that should be enough(for now). Are planning ton raise them to adult sizes ?

    I sure hope so i need a few more but until i get moved this one and maybe one more will have to do. Good news is we came to an agreement on price today on a new house. I do plan on growing most to adult size but may have a few find new homes before then we will see.

    If you weren't so far away, I'd take a tele with a wen in a heartbeat.

    Whenabouts does one start to see telescoping eyes? I've been interested in breeding for a little while now,and once I find room and a good looking pair,it's on!

    I would love to have a tele with a wen too. I have not found any yet though. I started noticing teles when they were probably around a month or 2. They did not pop all at once though.

    Wow! so impressive. They are just so cute, too!

    They are not going to know what to do with all that space...Wait, yes they will...they are going to GROW!!!



    I sure hope they grow, grow, grow!

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