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  1. Thank you guys for the kind comments. I have been working away at the house trying to get the living part painted and just waiting on the flooring to be delivered. Once the living area is done then i get to work on the fish rooms. I have somehow misplaced my camera so i cant update with any pics As soon as i locate it i will take some pics of the babies. I got a large percentage of calicos so i am pretty excited about that As far as the new house i cant wait to get moved in my buddy and i put up the mailbox yesterday. We had to dig the hole twice since we put it on top of the culvert drain We were messing with it for over 30 minutes and not a car drove by to laugh at us idiots it was rather nice. On a side note I did run into a copperhead last weekend which did not excite me to much considering i am deathly afraid of snakes.
  2. That is really weird i figured now would be the season since most pond people are setting up their ponds around here.
  3. I have been working way to much on the new house and not near enough in the fish room. FInally got water today at the house. We had to wait for the water company to install a new meter so thats always nice. I did get an ariel view of the new house via google earth. Its impossible to see from the road. Besides the trees being in the way its about 100-200 ft higher than the road. Walking up the driveway sucks!
  4. Water lettuce ? is this in a tank or pond? Tanks I have lots of it probably a 12 sq ft of tanks covered in it. BIg ones, small ones, some the size of your head
  5. I found this little article on ich and it is pretty good. http://www.unclebill...m/treatich.html I personally like the "burn it out" method that is why i was asking about the temp and other tank mates. I have also had good success with quik cure but prefer not to use chemicals unless it is absolutly necessary.
  6. what else is in the tank? and what temp are you currently running?
  7. If i had to guess i would say changing 150-200 gallons in a hour is about tops for a python. This is obviously depending on how high your tanks are off the ground. I can generally change around 80% of the water in 2- 55's and 2- 75's in around an hour using a python to drain and a mag 5 to pump back in.
  8. sometimes it will grow fast enough that the fish will only be trimming it for you. But with most goldies most plants are on the menu. I do ok with water lettuce on my goldie tanks. Sometimes they will eat the roots though.
  9. I had to watch it again! My cat likes to sit on top of my tanks and watch the fish. For some reason she won't ever sit on the Dovii tank?
  10. :rofl :rofl that maybe the funniest video ever?
  11. I am more worried about moving the fish than anything. I have a few pics of the new house. Front of the house garage/ goldfish room Other fish room we have got to get the driveway fixed as you can see its in need of some work
  12. no we are closing on the 10th Finally i was starting to wonder if it was ever goin to happen.
  13. so since i have not been on in forever i figured i would do a small update on these guys. The last calico shown had a bit of problems in the QT, but fortunately after an extended stay it is felling much better The fry out of them are starting to look decent. We got a good amount of calicos and I did see my first telescope the other day out of this batch.
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