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  1. I have a question. I keep seeing references to 'fry'. At what age is a fish no longer considered a fry?
  2. Hi. I am fairly new to the website. What does 'lfs' stand for? I keep seeing it on the posts here. Thank you!!! Debbie
  3. I was considering getting a companion for my calico ryukin Abby. She is currently in a 29-gallon tank. If I got another goldfish, would this size be too small for two? Thanks.
  4. Hello. I am sorry I don't know how to copy and paste. I am not very computer savvy. I guess I'll just have to give up and cancel being on here. I am so sorry. Sincerely, Calico Lady
  5. Hi. Abby is a calico ryukin supposedly, though she has a long flowing tail and I don't see a hump. Her body is almost 2 inches long. I have had her since last summer. She is in a 29-gallon tank with no heater. There is an aerator stone. She is the only one in the tank. I change out 6 gallons of distilled water each week. By that I mean I fill my gallon jugs with water and then let them sit for 24 hours without a lid to let the chemicals out and let the water get room temperature. I then add a dechlorinator into the water jugs. I also add Cycle bacteria into the tank when I change the water. I thought that would make her feel better, and I know bacteria is important. I just started this last week. I use a syphon and so I clean the gravel that way. I always fed her Hikari goldfish pellets and sweet peas. But she has started floating more and more. I have always soaked the pellets a long time to soften them up. I got some veggie flakes and goldfish flakes. I soak them a long time so they soften up and sink. I thought flakes might be easier on her stomach. Plus I feed her the peas. The peas have no sodium. Maybe I should feed them more often? There is the whole story. Advice? Thanks for the welcome! P.S. We have hard water.
  6. Hello. I am new to KoKo's Goldfish World. I have a calico ryukin named Abby. She is having digestion problems. She can't eat Hikari pellet food. She floats. I started her on tetra veggie and tetra goldfish flakes now. Can only feed about half a flake at a time twice/day. I am going to give her just a small amount of peas. The last time I fed her peas, must have been too many because she floated then also. I don't want to have to get rid of her. Thanks for any advice.
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