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  1. thank you for all the suggestions! Im definitely going to take most of the rock out. I didnt realize when i bought them that putting that much would be such a pain! Chrissy, your tank looks pretty
  2. I think i'll take most of them out tomorrow then. I've been having problems with water levels and im sure that has something to do with it.
  3. do you have another substrate under the scattered river rock?
  4. How do you maintain it? Im hating my decision to change to river rock but I'm thinking im just dont know exactly how to maintain it? All the food and poo fall under the rock, how do you get it all? Do you need to get it all? Im frustrated.
  5. My lionhead, Wilbur, is the sweetest most affectionate little guy ever! He makes me heart melt every time he pops water at me. My oranda, Wiggum, isnt at all like that. Hes more dependant on Wilbur.
  6. wow. well so my fish get a 90% water change because i forgot i was doing a small water change and drained pretty much the entire tank.....onto my floor. awesome! looks like my carpet might be wet for a day or two.....
  7. yah i check the water every morning. I just lost my cycle because i re-did my tank. went from gravel to river rock because they kept getting gravel stuck in their mouths. So far the readings have been pretty consistent. ph: 7.6 ammonia: .25 - .50ppm (i've been trying to keep it under control with water changes...) nitrItes: 0ppm nitrAtes:0ppm After i re-did my tank i had problems with my lionhead. he was floating vertically, head down booty up, which is why i've been doing water changes everyday. I also switched his food from sinking pellets to frozen food. Hes back to normal which makes me real happy cause hes my little love bug
  8. So I have a 10 gallon with 2 small goldfish in it (an oranda and a lionhead). I know that my tank is over stocked, i had just the lionhead for 6 months and decided to get him a friend, but lost my job before i could get a 39 gallon (which i still plan on doing as soon as i get a job). So my question is, would it be more beneficial for them to do a small water change everyday or every other day? or should i stick to the once a week that i have been doing?
  9. ill probably do the 25% everyday since the 50% earlier didnt change the level all that much. Hopefully it all levels out soon. Poor Wilbur probably feels like im stalking him haha. Im literally at the tank every 10 minutes checkin on him.
  10. well right now he seems fine, swimming normally and what not. My friend said that the ammonia is there, but its not at a bad level. Suggested that i do 10% everyday or 25% every other day until i get my cycle back so the ammonia doesnt get too high. My friend called him my Canary in the Coal mine haha
  11. yah im taking a water sample to my old place of employment. the people who work in the fish room actually know what they're doing (shocking i know haha) so im going to see what they can suggest. thanks for all the help!
  12. I did do the water change, as soon as it was suggested. I use Ultimate full water conditioner. I just did another test on the ammonia and it seems to be at 0 ppm or .25 ppm. The pH is still at a good level as well. Wilbur will swim right side up and come up to the top to say hello but when hes resting hes at the bottom either upside down or vertical. Im regretting switching to river rock even though it needed to be done. They were putting themselves in danger with the gravel. I really hope i can get the water levels under control and he can pull through this because i love that little dude like no other =/ scratch that....after letting it sit a little longer, the ammonia level hasnt really changed. bah! do i need to go get something for the ammonia?
  13. yah i tried peas. hes not really floating like he has gas though. hes just upside down on the bottom now
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