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  1. Hi all, my 9 year old goldfish has a fungus ion his upper body. one on each gill which I as able to remove. He also has one on each eye. I was able to get art of one off of one eye but the other one is large over the eye and I can't get it off. He also as one in the middle of his head and it looks like each fin has the start of one where the fin meets the body. I have all three fish quarantined and added ich-x and salt and doing water changes. He definitely has perked up in the last 24 hours. It is NOT ich, which I found from my research tonight, but the store where I buy my supplies didn't do enough research and claimed even if it wasn ice the salt and ice-x would be ok. What do I do now and which med is o.k. Do I treat all three fish even though the others show no sign of the fungus. By the way, they are all in the bathtub and love it!!! I don't have a quarantine tank because they have never been sick. I will appreciate any help because I can't find a vet that treats fish in my area. God Bless. Deby
  2. I am soo upset. One of my girls - the runt of the liter - for the past few weeks has been staying on the bottom of the tank. At feeding time she tries to swim up (55 gal tall tank) but gets abut a quarter up and then floats down. The last 2 days; she is on her side and then rights herself. I just transferred her to my small; tank. A few years ago she lost all of her color and is totally white noticed her eyes are blank. She is 8 years old. Do I euthanize her and how? Has anyone been through this and she is just sick? I will so appreciate your help. Bunny
  3. Thank you all again. I am going to purchase a clear-or-life but I need to wait 2 months to get the money together so I can buy the whole setup, i.e.,stand and hood. I'll post a pic when all set up. I just love love this site and I am grateful for all the support. Bunny
  4. I need advice on a 60 and 75 gallon glass tank. Which brand is made well. I want the metal rim, not plastic but don't know what the thickness of glass should be. I currently have 2 goldys and may purchase a third. I know there are a lot of cheap tanks out there. I currently have a 4o gallon from Petco - not sure the manufacturer but it is very sturdy - no bowing and after 5 years no leaks. Petsmart has a lot of tanks by marine land but their 60 gallon rectangle is too high for me. the 75 gallon is deeper and not as high. Thanks for the advice. Bunny
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