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  1. Hi all, my 9 year old goldfish has a fungus ion his upper body. one on each gill which I as able to remove. He also has one on each eye. I was able to get art of one off of one eye but the other one is large over the eye and I can't get it off. He also as one in the middle of his head and it looks like each fin has the start of one where the fin meets the body. I have all three fish quarantined and added ich-x and salt and doing water changes. He definitely has perked up in the last 24 hours. It is NOT ich, which I found from my research tonight, but the store where I buy my supplies didn't do enough research and claimed even if it wasn ice the salt and ice-x would be ok. What do I do now and which med is o.k. Do I treat all three fish even though the others show no sign of the fungus. By the way, they are all in the bathtub and love it!!! I don't have a quarantine tank because they have never been sick. I will appreciate any help because I can't find a vet that treats fish in my area. God Bless. Deby
  2. I am soo upset. One of my girls - the runt of the liter - for the past few weeks has been staying on the bottom of the tank. At feeding time she tries to swim up (55 gal tall tank) but gets abut a quarter up and then floats down. The last 2 days; she is on her side and then rights herself. I just transferred her to my small; tank. A few years ago she lost all of her color and is totally white noticed her eyes are blank. She is 8 years old. Do I euthanize her and how? Has anyone been through this and she is just sick? I will so appreciate your help. Bunny
  3. Thank you all again. I am going to purchase a clear-or-life but I need to wait 2 months to get the money together so I can buy the whole setup, i.e.,stand and hood. I'll post a pic when all set up. I just love love this site and I am grateful for all the support. Bunny
  4. I need advice on a 60 and 75 gallon glass tank. Which brand is made well. I want the metal rim, not plastic but don't know what the thickness of glass should be. I currently have 2 goldys and may purchase a third. I know there are a lot of cheap tanks out there. I currently have a 4o gallon from Petco - not sure the manufacturer but it is very sturdy - no bowing and after 5 years no leaks. Petsmart has a lot of tanks by marine land but their 60 gallon rectangle is too high for me. the 75 gallon is deeper and not as high. Thanks for the advice. Bunny
  5. thank you all so much. I am definitely goin acrylic. I have one more question. currently I am using the hang on filters. Can I use these on the acrylic: I know I will need to modify the top. I know nothing about cannister filters and am intimated by them. Right now I have a solid wood low bureau that I will put the tank on as I can't afford Mrs. Kay's gorgeous set up. That is what I am striving for. Is this a canister set up? Regards to all. Bunny
  6. I now have a 40 gallon glass tank for my three goldies. I am thinking about purchasing a 55 or 60 gal. acrylic. One of the brands has a lifetime warranty. The reason I am turning to acrylic is the weight. A 60 gal glass is so heavy. The tank is in my bedroom and I am fearful of a leak while I am at work. Anyone have experience with acrylic, i.e. thickness, bracing or added metal rim or anything else I should know? I now they scratch easily but I'll have to take my chances. Thanks so much for the advice.
  7. do the veggies needs= to be cooked? I've given mh goldys peas that I cooked and removed the outer shell. They love them. so do Igeek the veggies soft and peal the fruit and put it in in little pieces? Let me know anything thing else you feed. Thanks. Bunny
  8. Hi, I have both aquac clears and penguins. On my 20 gallon (just 1 goldy, Purim)I have and 30 and 50 aqua clears and they are quiet and my tank is crystal clear. The only sound comes from the darn bubbler and I will figure that one out. I think I am going to try one that someone on the site recommend (can;t remember the name but it is more pricey but supposedly quiet) This tank is in my bedroom and I can't stand noise so for now this is as good as it gets. the only way I seem to to avoid the waterfall noise with the aqua clears is to keep the tank filled to the brim. Honest to goodness there is no waterfall noise. I do not use a hood or lights on either of my tanks because for some reason it frightens the kids. I have glass covers that leave about a 1.5" opening in front of the filters. Now, about the Penguin filters....I have a 150 and a 200 on my 29 gal tank in the living room (3 goldys, Laverne, Shirley and Squigy) and I dispise them. Even though my tank is clean as a whistle, they are soooo noisy. I have tried everything but the filters either hum or the bio-wheel is noisy. Filling the tank to the brim does nothing. I am moving everyone to my bedroom in a 55 gal shortly and I will stick with aqua clears - 3 filters to come up with the gph filtration. I also am using the newer aqua clear combined medium (Zero-Carb) which combines activated carbon and amonia remover in 1 medium and then I add foam and I am done. 2 mediums in the filter instead of 3. I also find the aqua clear medium less expensive. I buy it in bulk on line and never at the chain stores. If anyone would like my penguin filters, you can email me at dbunny1@hotmail.com. Free of course, First come, first served, and when I change tanks I will send them off. A very Happy New Year to everyone. Hope 2012 brings only good things to us and our fishies - and a more stable world. Glad to be able to be on the site tonight. Take care everyone. Dbunny1
  9. Hi, Deby. I think consolidating the tanks is a great idea. Could you tell me what filters you have right now on the tanks, please? thanks so much for your advice. Do I introduce the girls and purim at the same time? I am concerned that the girls may turn against pirum or purim, since he is the larger of all of them may attack the smallest, Shirley. Do goldfish have a problem getting along? I thought i read somewhere on the siter that the 70's are noisy. Do you recall anything aong this line. we all thank you! I can;t wait to get this tank set up.
  10. ok. I have Purim in a 20 gal with a Hagen 30 and 50, which put out 150 plus 250 gph. I have absolutely no problem getting my counts o.k. and the water is clean. and clear Then on the 30 gallon I have the Pengiun 150 and 200 which put our 350 gph. The only time the tank gets a little hazy for a time is when I change filters, which are the all on one. I don;t like the bio-wheel because of the noice with the water shoots out in the tank. with the hagen I use the spoke and the new charcoal combination so I don;t need the while rocks, I can just use 2 media. How does this sound? I also have an air stone in each tank but I am also asking advise if I should get the one that lays along the bottom of the tank. thanks. Deby
  11. Hi everyone, I need your advice. I have my one goldfish, Purim, in his own tank. Purim has been by himself for 3 years. I have another tank with my three girls, Laverne, Shirley and Lucy, who have been together for 1 year. All of them are doing great thanks to all of you over the past years. I am sooo lucky Purim lived to 3 because before I found Koko's I had no idea what I was doing. Anyhow, 2 tanks and 4 filters is getting too much. I bought a 55 gallon wide for my bedroom for all of them but I am terrified they won;t get along. the girls are so friendly and outgoing but Purim is still skittish. Can you tell me how do go about this. Even to getting the tank up and running - do I add some water from each of their thanks? After i get your help with moving them I'll tell you have I solved my dirty gravel probem. and the filters I am using. 2 are quiet for the bedroom and 2 aren't so I will have to do something about the filters. I love to watch them swim and it is almost meditation for me.so I hope this works. I took your advise and only keep maybe 1/2 of gravel on the bottom. I do have a lot of plants and rocks they can run in and out of. The floor is much clearer and the think their waste gets picked into the filterquickly.and keeos the tank clener. Any advise how to do this wikl be a lifesaver. I am really rervous sbout iy..Thanks. Deby
  12. Hi all, thanks so much for your help. Yes, I quess I mean the intake extensions. Duh, can you believe all this is very new to me? I will check Amazon and Drs. Smith & Foster. I have their catalog and never thought to check. I have aqua clears and 1 penquin. The Aqua clear 50 I just bought is drivig me crazy. The water flow sounds like Niagra Falls and when I got home from work today I actually heard it whistling when I walkeds in the door! I am going to take it back to Petco and get another penquin. I can put up with the motor hum but this is making me nuts. Have a good night eveyone. Bunny
  13. Anyone know where I can get extra tubes? On my 30 gal. I would prefer the tube go almost to the gravel and i have checked the major pet stores and they don't sell them separately. Thanks/
  14. Is there such a thing as a quiet filter? One of my tanks (20 gal)has an aqua clear 50 and also a 30 that both have the media baskets. If I keep the covers on they hum. I want to replace the 30 with a 50. seem to My larger tank - a 29 gallon - I have a penquin 150 biowheel and the motor hums. I just bought and added an aquaclear 50 that must be a newer model because it has the cartridge holster and cartridge filter and a biological grid. The current is so strong you can hear it all over the house. My three girls don;t mind the current - I just can;t stand the sound of a waterfall in my living room. I removed the grid but it still makes a lot of noise and the grid is necessary. I also keep my water levels as high as possible. I don't keep covers or lights on the tanks because they freak out the girls. I have one goldie (Purim) in the 20 gal and the 3 girls (Freckles and" the girls") in my 29 gal. Any suggestions? I just can't keep buying filters. By the way, I started off with Purim in a fishbowl for 2 years and now I'm the proud mommie of 4 goldies. I just love them to death. Purim is not friendly at all and it is my fault for keeping him in a bowl for 2 years. I could never get him to respond to me. Freckles and the girls are just adorable and ever so friendly and really growing. I know I will need a bigger tank but can't handle that right now. Nothing seems to bother them and they get so excited when I walk into the room. They love to swim between my fingers and nip at my nails. Now if I can just get these filters quiet, Thanks everyone. I could never have gotten to this point without all of you. Bunny
  15. Hi, I bought those small cheap whisper stones together with the tetra whisper pump. They are sooo noisy. Today I bought a larger air stone (shaped like a seashell) and it is quieter - I think I only hear the bubbles, which is fine, I have a 20 gal tank with one goldfish and an aqua clear 50 and aqua clear 30. The each have media baskets with foam, charocal and ceramic stone. It's more to take care of and buy and keep a record of when to replace what- but - Purim is now 3 and about 4" and seems to be doing well. His water is always clear and I just made a total change of his gravel because I moved him to a 20 gal and the gravel was so clear with almost no poop. Now to the girls and freckles - they were in a 20 gallon and I just got them in to a 29. It is not the airstone that id the problem. The original filter from the 20 is a 150 biowheel with the slot for the filter floss. It has some fibration but not terribly bothering me. the problem is with thre aqua clear 50 that doesn't have a media basket but a plastic slot that a bio filter/floss fits into. The water return into the water is soo loud I can hear it the minute I wall into the house. I can't see to adust it. I keep the water level right up to the filter. Do ou think I should take the filter apart and see if something is wrong with th impeller? T Thanks for the help. I have an aversion to noices but I can definitely live with the 2 aqua clear, 50 and 30, with the mediabaskets. It seems the newer 50's that just use 1 filter are the noise makers,. Has anyone else experienced this? Is the filter too large? I have 3 goldy's in the tank and the are 6 months old and starting to grow. I have been afraid the break up thr 3 since they have been together straight out of a carnival rubbermaid tub - and Purim has been alone for 3 years. Do you think I could add a friend to Purim. Do some fish like to be alone? Sorry for all the questuons at one time but I have been working late nights and just haven't had the time to ge onto the puter. regards to everyone and all our fishy cousins! Dbunny1
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