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  1. Really? Then if you have to do the eggs first, I did it backwards. The video I watched did the eggs second. I think my eggs were too cold in the bowl I had them in. I really wasn't prepared. Yeah I've done it Twice that way with fancy and single tails and with high results
  2. So well I have 14 fish 3x Fantails 2x Comets 2x Shubunkin 1x Blackmoor 1x Globe eyes 5x Fantail Hybrids After visiting a friend who had a pond completely of orandas I was wondering what other peoples ponds consist of
  3. Congrats they are Girls
  4. Its best To Have Both fish in the Container in witch you want the fry to hatch and Quickly squeeze the eggs out before the the Milt And swirl but don't push to much eggs a once because they won't fertilize you have to repeat the process a few times. Eggs milt not milt eggs If this makes any sense
  5. The food Amount Lessened because they I was preparing for them to change ponds XD
  6. About 2 years ago I hand Spawned my first Batch of Fry Comet X Fantail\Oranda and they stayed small a very long time I thought i had done something wrong But As they all started to change color at about 1 year old they had sudden growths bursts growing another 5 to 6 inches But i was wondering is their certain sizes fry should be at different stages or does it change type to type and considering the deliberate uncommon cross could it just be what i breed is slow to develop genetically Sorry If its at all confusing
  7. They will All have Single tails My fry are the same mix
  8. I've been following their Progress they have become beautiful Fish
  9. Preparing for the next bunch of fry XD
  10. Yeah It was an Awesome experience and they have grown up just to how I wanted them to look Fat body like a fantail and tail like a commet
  11. Their been Alot of Losses in my pond this year even after the Security being tightenened my old falla died after 8 years togeather but he lift me some fry so YAy and a couple of my dudes went missing and theirs been alot of aditions I'm now up to 14 ,14 fish of 5 diffrent varieties My Fantails Aqua My Fattiest Fish a fantail XD lol Big Girls an understatement My cat Photobombed My Boy Mr Bob Dobalina best lookin fish in my pond XD Chocolate Thunder she super hard to photograph Kissy Kissy My Commets Candy A huge Boy Salmon My Shubumpkins One I just couldn't get a photo of Ghost Pretty Boy My celestial and moor Poped eyes due to the fact she has no eyes Racer Hard to photograph too the moor My fry (Aqua's fry Commet\oranda\fantail) And Group shots
  12. These are my Last years Fry they are fantail\comet\orandas Their Changing colour a couple boys have already got breeding stars XD My favorite and largest Baby Spike hes already got breeding stars Group shot Mum
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