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  1. comets, fantails, moores, shubunkins.. they sure grow up quick in a big pond, some of the small 4-5cm /2" fish i got are well on their way to almost double that. my little golden comet is now about 3 1/2 " / 8cm and has the most beautiful golden colour even the 15cm comets like capt'n, patches (orange white) and my favourite, "big shubby" look massive when i get a side on view. i guess thats the difference between a pond and an aquarium. with an aquarium you always see your fish from the side, noticing their true size all the time. in a pond you mainly see them from above, so ive been watching their length grow, but when you get glance from the side and see their full body size, man they sure have grown a LOT ! i swear some of the 15cm fish are almost 20cm by now. their body is about as big as my hand ! "boggles", the all red- black moore, has got the biggest roundest fantail body (giggles) and is like a vacuum cleaner on the pond floor, he rarely eats at the surface anymore... ever since he almost died of SBD he's turned bottom feeder.
  2. do you have an 80L / 20gal tank? just curious, as the general rule is 1W per litre (4w per gal) glad your tank wasnt damaged like others ive heard about. i liked my goldfish pond so much ive been doing malawi chichlids in a new 285L tank, store tried to sell me a 250w heater but i upgraded to the 300, it doesnt come on as often or as long so it might be a bonus. ive also heard of heaters sticking on and ppl returning home to a tank full of fish soup, so im going to get one of these temp controllers put it in a small plastic box like this with a wall socket on top so you can plug in your heater and if the temp controller detects high temp it'll cut power to the heater, purely as a backup device. power out of wall socket --> temp controller --> heater. so the temp controller provides power to the heater, and can cut power supply if needed. its cheap and simple to do, its better than no backup system.
  3. well i tried melafix, it didnt make them better, but they arent any worse either. they look the same as the pics above. theres actually 3 of them (noticed another fish with a tiny mark) and theyre all brothers/sisters, maybe some sort of genetic predisposition type of thing ?
  4. whoops: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, all zero (as usual with so many plants and quality filtration (tested with api freshwater test kit) ph is a shade over 8
  5. i edited your quote to address these two specifically, i had fed flake on the surface to attract them for photo's. the red lump is a bit of flake floating on the surface. (optical illusion) same as the few white chunks around him, or further down his back. its only the mark in the circle (sorry for adding to confusion, should have mentioned it earlier) i usually feed flake by holding a pinch underwater and flicking it so it disperses in the water so all fish get a munch and it discourages floating food gobbling on the surface.
  6. i had a better look at the fish that has the most marks, they are definately raised, white, fluffy/fuzzy lumps. i could get them out if i have to, but i'd rather keep them seperate until they heal becaise its a pita to remove/install all the lily's and plants and net them amongst all the other fish at the surface begging for food i'd need to put them in a plastic tub of pond water (probably 10gal/40l) and there'd be no water circ or airline, just a tub of water. i guess i could change 25% every day until they heal. being the start of winter (or thereabouts) in australia and the pond at around 13c i already feed them a lot less anyway.
  7. i would say the pattern and colour reminds me of a flattened, wet cotton ball. it doesnt appear to be raised but it is very early stages in detection.. the research ive done suggests fungus might be the culprit,
  8. eyes are clear, looking around fine, came to the surface to eat. no redness, just a white fuzzy blotch, doesnt look raised but i guess it could be so minor i might not notice as it swims past. one of his siblings looks like it might have two tiny spots behind the top of the gill, but again not raised or anything i observed the others and there was no abnormal marks on any of the fantails, moores, shubunkins, or other comets. unfortunately theye are too fast with their tails, and im too slow with the net amongst all the lily's and vallisneria to get one out but i did get a couple of reasonable pics. only abnormal behaviour i seen was between my two 20cm comets. capt'n the all orange comet, and patches the red white patchy comet. (got em as 15cm comets, man have they grown! ) they were fossicking on the bottom having a push me shove you match to get at that awesome bit of something tasty tucked under a pot, then turning head/tail and spinning around against each other, ying/yang style in a circle.
  9. one has a blotch above the right eye. the other has a larger blotch above his left eye (same place but opposite eye) hopefully i'll have some photo's soon, but they are eating and swimming as happy as usual.
  10. just to clarify one thing. "both were purchased as a 5 for $10 deal (same family of fry)" ~6mths ago as 5cm comets.
  11. hi all, i have 2 comet's approx 8cm long who have a white blotch above their eye. it kinda looks like he's changing colour, i dont see any external growth on the surface both were purchased as a 5 for $10 deal (same family of fry) they are in the pond with all the others and they all look as healthy and happy as ever, no sickness or weird swimming. healthy appetite. any advice would be appreciated, its kinda hard to get a clear photo due to reflections in the pond
  12. you can mix comets, black moores, fantails, shubunkins without any probs, they get along fine. just make sure they all get a bit of food at meal time because the comet's will be quicker and the black moore's dont have great vision. they will usually learn when its meal time and come up with the rest for a feed anyway.
  13. good luck with your fish, i hate to ask, but could you post some pics so some of us can get a good idea of what it looks like and *maybe* help us diagnose it early in our own fish?
  14. and maybe putting some cichlids in it.. http://www.aquaone.c...p?id_no=52056BK
  15. Big Shubby, Boggles, and Patches having a munch, @39sec a catfish has a brief look. Boggles has an awesome dorsal fin Big Shubby breaks a bit of zuccini off and thrashes around like a puppy with a chew toy
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