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  1. too small? ive always been told my tank was laughably big for two fish. maybe i have the size wrong. but they are both four years old, and healthy and huge. i guess i will just put a little bit of the food into the tank before we go then. dont know anywhere that sells plants but il look for that as well.
  2. hey everyone first post hi hi. my extended family is going on a vacation for a week, i have no friends. so no one is able to feed my fish while im gone. i bought a ten day food lighthouse shaped white thing. but its for 10-15 gallon tanks, and 10 fish. i have two fish, and my tank is 20 litres. it was the only long term food the store had. can i cut it down to about 1/5 the size, or by cutting it will i ruin the longevity of the food? thanks for the help!
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