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  1. Thanks for the video! That looks really nice I'll have to wait to see the pictures until I get home later though. My work blocks photobucket
  2. I've been shopping around for stock tanks for my pond but the only black one I have been able to find is the Rubbermaid 300 gallon tank. I was hoping to get something bigger and was wondering if anyone has experience using a green or blue stock tank as a pond. What does it look like as it settles in and builds up biofilm? I was able to find this video of a blue stock tank with green water (which I think looks ok). But if any of you have pictures of your ponds with non-black stock tanks I would love to see them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0AazxgHOxs
  3. Oh my gosh! I was just wondering yesterday if easter grass would work! I'm going to go get some :D
  4. I originally made some trying to widen a pipe with sharp scissors, then I took the plunge and used a box cutter. I think I would hurt myself trying to do this
  5. The Riparium planters are great!! I copied his design and made my own from some containers from The Container Store using a hot knife - though after all the trouble I should've just bought some! Not all plants work in them though. I tried putting in some jungle vals and it was a mess, the shoots they send out get trapped in the jar. But I've put a bunch of different sword plants and some crinum calaminstarum in them and they look great! Plus you can put root tabs in them! The only downside of using them in a barebottom tank is that my fish are always moving and rearraning them! They push them around while looking for food so they never stay where I put them.
  6. What would you use for a pond filter? I have to fill one of those soon.
  7. He's pretty! Such a nice color.
  8. Her balance is much improved. I've been feeding lightly and her poop is normal. She had one other strange one like the one I posted above but is acting like her old self.
  9. So here is a video from todaytoday Klaus 3: And a weird poop that I found. Does this look like an egg poop to you? If you zoom in its kind of zig zag. There was also some normal looking poop. http://imgur.com/a/381nx She hasn't been fed since I first posted. The pooping overall has slowed down. Should I feed her today or wait for mor strange poop? I have hikari lion head, peas and repashy soilent green.
  10. OK all gone. I'll go siphon out any poop the filter didn't get so I can tell if she is still pooping later.
  11. She has fasted about 3 days. And you're right she is a fatty. Is it possible to put a fish on a weight loss diet? I'll go remove the rocks right now. They fell out of the planters.
  12. Update! She hasn't been upside down since I moved her. She is still pooping its a green/brown mix. Her swimming still isn't great but its better than it was. I think her scales look better too. If you watch the video she gives 2 great big yawns within 1 minute. She doesn't look any skinnier to me. http://imgur.com/a/KsJUQ Klaus2:
  13. Her balance is better this morning but not great. She hasn't been in the tail up position since I put her in the QT but she is still buoyant. She is more active today but still spends a good amount of time in the top corner(right side up). I saw a tiny poo hanging out and went to take a picture. The poo fell out and I scooped it up to look at it and I swear it was a Malaysian trumpet snail shell. Here is a link to the picture I took and to all the small poop pieces I've found since the snail shell. I keep MTS in my betta tank but have never seen them in the goldfish tank before. http://imgur.com/a/vtykk
  14. Thank you Epsom is done. I removed the plants so it will be easier to find her poop.
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