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  1. Hello - Just updating you guys! Lu was flat on both sides for some time and of course the original side poofed again .. I can't do anything but laugh I guess.. because he's still his regular old self I dunno what that crazy fish has going on .. I'm hoping he lives a happy long life whatever it is.. I continue to change his water and monitor him very closely incase something else happens.. he's eating very well and acts totally normal.. he's so silly.. - He's well! Will let you know if anything else happens that needs further treatment / attention - I didn't try the other medication that came in the mail yet - I only used the metronidazole which didn't do anything.. the scales went flat after using plain clean water for some time.. now that side lifted again.. so I dont know!
  2. Sorry I'm not on much.. tons going on ... if something drastic happens don't worry I will post.. I hope no one thinks I'm abusing Lu haha.. He was the same forever.. And then FINALLY his scales went flat I thought I better not even say a WORD or he'd puff up again.. watch Ill get home and he'll be poofed again.. little bugger!!
  3. Thanks! Im happy to have one thing going well in life right now - Lu's so cute .. Hopefully this keeps up! I'm happy FINALLY hes flat! - So cute..
  4. We only had done 2 rounds of the prazi so I figured another wouldn't hurt.. then afterward Ill see how he's acting -
  5. I gave him a few days.. BOTH sides went flat BUT!.. then he started flashing.. again.. so .. indeed I'm assuming bad flukes.. so ... I redosed prazi again.. and hoping this does the trick.. still eating well and acting well but dorsals down and seems a bit agitated.. no bottom sitting.. will keep posting back.. but this is the FIRST time in a month BOTH sides are down.. totally flat.. so this is great.. hoping we can get the flukes taken care of and that this is all that's left of the problem!! !
  6. Wow I'm soooooooo happy for u and ur little guy ... I was so scared when I first saw him I m so glad u found kokos! :hugs :)
  7. I didn't remove with carbon.. just water changes because I've been changing the water every twenty four hours still.. so all salt and medication is out of the tank.. it seems like the original side has flattened down a bit now as well.. not totally flat but better than it was atleast.. and the other sides still totally flat now for two days..temps been stable at 76 since the beginning.. just hoping now that salt is out that the dang red bumps don't come back! Should we hold off on the stuff I got from fishmed I'm assuming ? .... to see how the fresh water does for him?
  8. Here's a brief timeline... Sunday 0.1 Salt started 7/24/11 1 scale raised... Monday 7/25/11 added epsom and 1st dose of prazi in as well.. Tuesday 7/26/11 upped to 0.3 salt mixture Thursday 7/28/11 removed prazi kept epsom / salt in at 0.3 as normal.. Monday 8/1/11 - Trinket said to re-prazi and I did? Thursday 8/4/11 removed prazi (2nd dose) Friday - 8/5/11 Started metronidazole in water as no chg - keeping salt at 0.3 Friday am at midnight (last night at midnight basically) - 8/12/11 when got home at midnight decided to remove 0.3 salt solution and stop adding metronidazole as nothing is changing .. seems to be a few days the one side is flat .. and the original side that pinecones is still pineconed but better.. then a few days later the original side pinecones ALOT and the other side re-pincones as well.. then back to no pineconening on the one side and the original side going down a bit.. its so strange.. I dont know what to do/think.. the other stuff came in the mail.. will PM trinket on if should go a few days w/ nothing in water before trying that next.. So.. in short he's been in 0.3 salt for 17 days.. has had 2 doses of prazi.. and 7 days of metronidazole.. Epsom was removed awhile back not sure of what day exactly though.. I forget..
  9. I hope taking the salt out doesn't allow those dang red spots to show up on his chin again .. but the salts been in there for so long.. I can't just keep him in saltwater his whole life
  10. Same... ...he's still acting good and eating good.. but of course the other side poofed again.. I have no idea what is going on.. and the original side is really poofed.. then all the sudden it subsides and the one side flattens totally and the other side will go down a bit but never flattens .. then it happens all over again..so weird.. so I decided to try to take the salt out tonight..and I didn't add the metro back tonight either since its been so long and nothing is getting better or worse with what were doing... next well try the other stuff I ordered .. it came today finally.. I figured id give him a few days of fresh non salted water with zero medication and see if that doesn't help?? You never know I guess... then ill try the acriflavine .. that's our last resort I hope it works don't know what else will make this crazy fishs scales flatten!
  11. I'm so hoping this guy recovers fully! I'm keeping him in my thoughts!
  12. The one side did go down again though I noticed when I changed his water this am .. its totally flat again but the other sides still lifted.. crazy fish.. I fed him some peas he handfed special bonding moment for mom and lu .. what could be with this frequent lifting and flattening of scales? Its so strange!
  13. He's. Starting to drift around the tank pretty bad again.. can prazi be used with the metro?? I can't imagine the flukes would cause the scales to lift again after we dosed prazi twice now?? I don't really know what else to do
  14. Yes he's acting just fine.. eating and swimming like himself.. I did wake up and I THINK the scales are down a bit again.. he's such a crazy fish?? what the heck is going on ?? How can the scales change in 12 hours?? I changed his water last night and added metro back in.. I waited to change the water 18 hours when I first added the metro because it said re-dose every 2 days but when I saw he had pineconed again so bad I wanted to change his water right away.. I was going to try to wait the two days and just test params.. which they were still fine.. but apparently maybe the parasites were attacking him bad in that first dose?? I dont' know so I did change 50% last night and re-added the metro.. Ill change it again in a bit and post back.. He did appear to be a bit flatter from what I saw but I couldnt tell for sure..
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