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  1. I doubt that since agar agar is vegan. So therefore has nothing to do with anything animal. Wiki Agar Personally I prefer, and find more natural, to feed the goldfish seaweed rather than slaughterhouse by products. It's not really for us to eat in the first place so I really agree with you there. But there were actually warnings about this in pet food but then again it could be actually safe for the fish since their gut is better suited for it. Thanks for your input. c:
  2. After making a batch of gel food, I looked at the ingredients of the gelatin box and it said it only has carraggenan aka agar agar in it. So I searched the internet, clicked a link and it had very, very angry people getting intestinal problems, allergies and similar symptoms from consuming food that has MSG. (Both are from seaweed, btw.) I can't write properly to save my life so here are some info lifted from this website. It'd be nice to know your say about this. Sorry if I sound standoffish, I'm more of a lurker.
  3. Maybe this will help? Or this? The bandwidth exceeded so it's cached. (I honestly don't know a thing about pottery.) Google-fu says as long the glaze and clay are lead-free, it's okay. Or don't apply glaze at all to be on the safe side.
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