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  1. Hahaha! Yes sir, Alex!! Thank you both! Definitely no other place that loves pics like this place!
  2. Yes, I see the snail! If that's what we're looking for...... Cute how the leaf is holding him up so well.
  3. Thanks so much for all the nice compliments!
  4. I always love seeing your fish, Alex. What a beautiful bunch! And the sand is so nice looking.
  5. Such a beautiful assortment. Each so different and pretty.
  6. Shell, your fish and tank are looking so beautiful! I can see why you are feeling good about it. It's gorgeous!
  7. I took these pics last night of my foursome. And when wanting to share goldfish photos, there is no other place that I know of that enjoys them as much as here! All is going well with this gang and hopefully it will continue. Here's the big boy, Moe. Blanche Tang Tang and her little buddy, Lil'
  8. Hi Alex! I've missed this place and all the great people here. Thank you for the compliments on my fish. I was actually hesitant to bring these guys home. Their tank was so dirty, it was hard to see them and know for sure what I was getting into. But I'm so glad I did! I really enjoy them.
  9. Very cool. I've just been toying with the idea of a couple frogs and a bettta. I'd love to hear all about yours when you get them.
  10. kathyt

    Just being them

    I love your kitties!
  11. kathyt

    Betta Soup

    What a difference! I love the after pic. The tank is so pretty, so is KB!
  12. Yay! for Darwin and Penny! I'm kinda hoping you go back for the oranda. Course, you know I love orandas!
  13. kathyt

    Charlie Sleeping

    I love to catch them sleeping. Charlie is really into his nap!
  14. kathyt

    New fish!

    You picked a beauty! I love him!
  15. I'm so sorry. Shipping can be hard on these fish. We don't ever really know what they endure to get to us. But now to concentrate on the one that made it. I wish him (and you too!) an uneventful QT
  16. Great pics! Yes, I'm a lover of Myng and Jupiter too. Another ranchu lover here!
  17. Fluffy looks great, and I think he's gonna love having new friends someday. Your plants in the 55 are looking like they're happy and liking their new environment. I really enjoyed seeing your little ones. It's fun watching the minnows along with the goldies. I think that makes a very interesting combination.
  18. Very nice! Your blog is so fun! Love your pics of their homecoming and acclimation. Oh, almost forgot to mention, the kitties are precious too.
  19. MJ, it looks great! I really like the looks of your plants, planted in the planters. ( try saying that three times LOL) I agree, Fluffy looks very happy. And cute too
  20. This is good news! I'm happy for both you and Fluffy!
  21. It's getting close for sure. Won't be long now. And I love your new plants. Your tank will be beautiful. Your patience is to be admired.
  22. I'm enjoying following along on your progress. And I totally agree with Alex!
  23. kathyt

    Setting it up

    It already looks great! And when your plants are in and growing it will be even more gorgeous. I'm really enjoying your blog. And it will be fun to watch and read as you add the new fish and plants.
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