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  1. Hahaha! Yes sir, Alex!! Thank you both! Definitely no other place that loves pics like this place!
  2. Thanks so much for all the nice compliments!
  3. I always love seeing your fish, Alex. What a beautiful bunch! And the sand is so nice looking.
  4. Such a beautiful assortment. Each so different and pretty.
  5. Shell, your fish and tank are looking so beautiful! I can see why you are feeling good about it. It's gorgeous!
  6. I took these pics last night of my foursome. And when wanting to share goldfish photos, there is no other place that I know of that enjoys them as much as here! All is going well with this gang and hopefully it will continue. Here's the big boy, Moe. Blanche Tang Tang and her little buddy, Lil'
  7. Hi Alex! I've missed this place and all the great people here. Thank you for the compliments on my fish. I was actually hesitant to bring these guys home. Their tank was so dirty, it was hard to see them and know for sure what I was getting into. But I'm so glad I did! I really enjoy them.
  8. So many nice compliments on these guys. Thank you! Chelsea, you're very good at questimating fish size. I think you're right on, he's about 9 inches without his fins. And so big around too. I worry that he's too fat.... Sometime I will weight them. I think the orange one is about 7 inches and the tele is 6 inches. But Moe (black oranda) really shocked me when I first saw him. The guy that was selling them had no idea that these fish were special at all. He was getting rid of them so that he could buy some discus. He wanted $50.00 for all three. Of course I didn't quibble about the price The cheeks are the reason I am such a fan of Orandas! I just love their puppy dog faces.
  9. Thank you Shell! LOL! I'm really loving him too! He's not going any where. Yes, the black one is Moe. Large orange oranda's name is Tang. The little oranda is Lil'. And the tele we call Blanche. Thanks Hidr!
  10. Hi Shell! Your fish are looking great and your tanks always are so crisp and clean.
  11. Thank you so much. He was actually so large it was a bit off putting at first, he was a bit of a monster. but I've gotten used to him. And love him. LOL! I never had been a lover of tele's but am now quite a fan. Thank you! Thanks so much! He wasn't selling the tank, just the goldies. They're in my 75g and seem happy. Of course, there will be no more fish, these are at full capacity.
  12. I've not been around here for ages and there's been lot's of changes. (goldfish wise) A few months ago I responded to a craigslist ad for 3 fancy goldfish. You can't imagine my surprise when I saw them. They were huge. Biggest I've seen. But living in not very good conditions. They were in a huge 150 gallon tank, which was good, but it was so dirty, you could hardly see the fish. And there was a pleco that was at the very least, 18 inches long living with them. The seller said he had the tank and the goldies for only 2 months, so I guess their original owner is the one to be commended for their size and good health. To make a long story short, my son helped me get them home and they've been here for 3 months now. Other than some of their fins being in bad shape, they've been doing really well. They are so friendly, eating out of my hands from the beginning. The black one has an odd looking mouth, but it seems to just be the pigmentation. Oh, the little orange goldie, is a 35$ Petsmart fish so you kind of get an idea on these others sizes. Anyway, enough talking and on with the show
  13. Golden fishy and Shell, thank you so much. Molly, thank you, I think Zelda gets cuter all the time mj, I like the look too. I used aquarium silicone to glue them together. Mr. B's video of his tank got my attention to give it a try. Thanks Elli! I hope to be around more. Thanks Alex, I've been good, thanks for asking. Things around here just have busier than usual. The tank actually was due for a water change, but it has been staying clear and clean. Finally the dreaded brown algae is seeming to be under control. Ashlee 18! LOL! Chip is such a good fishie! And he's been growing so much lately! Thanks so much everyone for your kind words on Cruiser. He sure was a cute little guy and had such a following here......
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