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  1. Alright, thanks, that makes sense to add the dividers then the substrate. I think I will try adding the Aqueon QuietFlow 30 and the little Aquaclear from one of the ten gallons to this tank. I am just a bit worried that the bigger filter will be too much for these fish.
  2. I tried getting help with this on another forum but didn't get any responses so I am posting it here too. I wasn't sure if I should put it here or with the Betta stuff since it involves Bettas but also Guppies. I currently have two ten gallons that have been set up for a long time. One has a few Guppies (1 female and 2 young males) and the other has a male Betta. They both have live plants. I also recently had to adopt another male Betta from a family member who was not taking care of it. He currently lives in a bowl. I am pregnant now and so I would like to cut down on the overall maintenance of all the fish. (I also have a dog, a cat, a rat, and a frog. My husband helps with them but does not do fish tank maintenance.) I just got a new 29 gallon tank and was hoping to put all of the fish in it, separated by dividers. Should I just move the filters from the two ten gallons onto the new tank so that there is more even filtration on the different sides? The tank would be under filtered (would be less than 200 GPH) but it would also be understocked. I also have a Fluval U4 (290 GPH) or an Aqueon QuietFlow 30 (200 GPH) that I could use instead. I plan to get some black Instant Tahitian Moon Sand to use as substrate. Should I put the dividers in, then the sand?
  3. My other two have never been treated with Prazi. The Ranchu has had a little salt. Is Prazi safe for the fish and my cycle?
  4. I should use crushed coral in all my tanks from now on right? Not just the goldfish ones? I am going to get Guillermo off of the salt and then use the 10 gallon for a quarantine because I would like to have three fish in the 42 gallon once everything is straightened out. How long do you quarantine fish for?
  5. So, would I do a fifty percent water change, then a day later another, then a day later another, during the course of four days?
  6. I have heard that it is good for them to flare once in a while, but doing it too much is bad. I am not 100% sure on this though. Mine will flare at the Nerite Snail once in a while.
  7. The pH is back up in the 42 gallon. Can I move Guillermo or should he be acclimated off of the salt during the next couple days?
  8. Dexter cannot control his swimming much anymore tonight... he is not interested in food either. Guillermo is not bullying him though. I guided him to one of the live plants so he wouldn't get stuck to the filter. They have been at .3% salt for two weeks now.
  9. What kind of maintenance does the coral need? Do I have to replace it after a certain amount of time?
  10. Thank you for the quick response!
  11. I got some crushed coral. How much do I add to the two ten gallons and then the one 42? I got a large bubble wand too that I will add to the 42 gallon.
  12. The tap has always had a high pH (8.2-8.4). The 10 gallon goldfish tank has always been around 7.2-7.4. When I tested the 42 gallon last night it was 6.4. I tested the hardness of the water quite a while ago with a strip test and it said it was high.
  13. Is that probably why I haven't been able to get a stable cycle on the 42? I need to stabilize the pH and add more oxygen?
  14. So I am probably seeing ammonia because of the low pH, thanks for the help everyone.
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