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  1. Hi, the fish has had been a bit bloated for a while, but all of a sudden it’s got really bloated and now is upside down a lot. Is there anything that can be done? [/img] thanks.
  2. ok thanks everyone. i'm going to get my tank etc soon, might go for a smaller one of 130 liters but will see what wuill fit in my car, a few places want ?60 delivery for a large tanks and stand. i'm either going to have 3-4 fancies or about 20 white cloud mountain minows, quite like the idea of a big scole of them. thansk for the info, i think i know what i'm doing now
  3. thanks, could i ask how many white cloud minnows can go in a 30 gallon tank. or if someone could tell me how many i can have in 10 gallons i can use that when choosign a tank, as i might go for a smaller tank and just have a big scole of minnows
  4. ok, thanks for your help, good job i found this place as i was just going to plop some fish straigh into the tank so i need ome prime filter that will do 1900 litres per hour, which will move the surface water, and i do like the pump that just blows bubbles from the bottom. i think ill look into plastic plants i think as i don't want them eating everything. with regards to gravel, does it need to be aquatic gravel, i've got lots of pea shingel in bags in the garden which can be cleaned and it will look good. i will need some kind of tank vacume to clean through the gravel once a week, to collect uneaten food and fish waste. i need a ph tester and test it every day, for about 1 month until it cycled. when you do water changes putting 90+ litres of tap water in will be full of chemicals again so do you need to add prime again, or just leave it, and it will sort its self out. also regarding fish, as fan tails are quite slow, could i get away will a few white clouds too? sorry for all the questions, but it shuold pay off once the fishes are in. thanks Paul..
  5. thanks i think i've decided on this tank instead "The Cleair corner aquarium is a bow fronted triangular aquarium that fits into the corner of any room. This aquarium gives you a beautiful panoramic view of your fish.. The aquarium includes lighting and filtration. Length -102cm Width - 72.5cm Height - 62cm 190 Litres" I think i can have about 3 fish in this tank? i was looking at fantails and black moores, i think they will be happy together. i'm not really sure on this nitrate etc that i keep reading about but are goign to keep studying it all. so im guessing tap water is full of elements that fish dont like. so basically i need to set the tank up with gravel plants etc and fill it with tap water and get the filter etc running, and keep changing about 75% of the water with more tap water every few days. i will need to add conditioner to the water, and use a testing kit to test the ph levels until they are safe for fishes. and then with the fishes in they will make waste so i will need to change about 50% of the water with tap water about once a week, and keep a check on the ph levels. if i have got that all wrong please let me know
  6. ahh, thanks everyone, never knew about any of this, i thought the with people keeping gold fish in a little bowl, they would love a tank like the one is thought about. i'm going to have another look, and see what else is avaliable. i still want about 10 fish or so, but ill get some advice when i have choosen a tank from the aquatics place, on what fish they have and what is best for the size of tank. i did see alot on nice fishes when i was there last week, only really want small fish in there so will see whats avaliable. will like to put in some live plants, i'll be getting all my stuff from here http://www.shirleyaquatics.co.uk and the tank comes with pumps filters and lighting. i wont use live fish to cycle the tank, i only read that somewhere but it did sound unfair if the tanks isn't set up properly. if anyone could give me advice on fishes that don't grow very big, i had 2 silver clouds when i was younger and they were quite small. i am very new to this, so please tell me if i wrong as i want my fishes to be happy. thanks Paul.
  7. Hi, planing on buying this tank (24 gallon) I will be having coldwater fish in it to keep it a bit more simple, Basically i'm looking for some info on the best plants to put in there, i'm planning on going for about 2 comets, common, fantail,black moore,oranda, white clouds, and maybe a few more other little fishes, so atleast 10 fish maybe more in total, but just small ones not any bigger than about 1 inch. I just wanted to know if this would be about right for this tank. I've read after filling it with tap water and ading the water soloution things, i need to leave it running for about 3 days with no fish in, and then add cheap gold fish and leave for about 3 weeks to see how it goes. if it goes well then add the more fancy fishes. also whats best to keep the tank looking good etc? i don't want to have to clean it every few days many thanks Paul.
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