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  1. Has any one ever seen a chart of chronological photos that show the growth of a fish throughout its life? I think that would be interesting to see.
  2. How much should you feed your fish?
  3. Thanks, I keep the water at about 78 degrees F.
  4. Thanks guys! All plants are real. I remove the glasses from the tank, rinse the rocks and the glass with warm water, then put them back in once a week or so. All the fish are pumped!
  5. I've heard that frozen bloodworms can carry parasites. Is this true? Is it safe to feed them the worms?
  6. Gustav Mahler Igor Stravinsky John Cage Stuart Saunders Smith
  7. http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x203/JilliesGerbils/DSC04758.jpg http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x203/JilliesGerbils/DSC04745.jpg http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x203/JilliesGerbils/DSC04688-1.jpg http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x203/JilliesGerbils/DSC04750.jpg
  8. I figure its easier to clean the classes than an entire tank of rocks!
  9. Just got a new Orange/Black Oranda named Gustav Mahler, and a Blue Oranda(baby) named Stuart Saunders Smith. I already owned a calico ryukin named John Cage and a Orange/White Ranchu named Igor Stravinsky. Hope you like the music...its my brother and I's project. How do they look?
  10. I've been surfing pet store to pet store...I'll keep looking. thanks!
  11. Hello, I've been checkin some picks out online and I think I wanna get a blue oranda or a really bright colored ranchu. None of the stores by me have these fish though...so where do I go to get a Blue Oranda or a nice Ranchu??? Dan
  12. 50 gallon Tank+Filter+bubbler+misc. other stuff- 125 Tank stand-90 2 Fish- 9$ Plants- 20 additional filter-40 Food/Meds/Salt/testers/bucket-50 Gravel-15 $349
  13. Right now, I have two fish in a 50 gallon tank. How can I tell what sex they are?
  14. Hello, I have two fish that are following eachother in circles. Whats this about? Are they mating?
  15. possibly...my girlfriend is using the other tank already for her bettas so i have don't have a spot for em. but i just picked up some more salt and a nice bucket for the water changes...i'm worried about sucking the fish into the hose. Should i remove them from the tank?
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