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  1. @mj @yunfang @dnalex @fishy thank you, my friend good luck on yours too @rai if you're in the same city with me, i will give you some of my second batch. seriously because now i want to cull some more, i dont have too much space to raise hundreds of them.
  2. adorable cute babies! congrats!
  3. @stakos thank you,, i hope you breed yours too, soon @shawnee yes they are. "now" picture is approx. 4 months. hacth date in early june. @xchairity thank you,, i forgot to explain, those are not the same fish. i just take pic of them randomly, and "now" fish is one of few left after culled several times. but i still keep fish in pic number 2. but not as good as "now" fish. and she is actually pure white now
  4. breeding goldfish take lots of effort but its all disappear when i look at those fries. and see what they've become now four weeks old seven weeks old now its a little bit late for the head growth, but this is because of the genetics. the parents showed up their wen when reaching senior size (15cm up) oh i love breeding goldfish. it gives us experiences of happiness, sadness, and hopes too now im doing breeding batch 2. still orandas too
  5. if you are intended to breed your fish, you must separate them all start from now. it helps them develop their maturity and avoiding "free-sex" so you dont have to worry about wild-fry.
  6. they're cute arent they? my female fish always nibbling but the male ones dont. i don know why. hehehe..
  7. hello my friend, nothing to worry. you should just keep the water good and you wont be troubled. and consider the space too.. dont buy another fish if your tank not larger than 12 gallons. if you take care on him seriously, he can grow up to 1cm/month. good luck
  8. how old are they? dont give up on breeding GF. its fun
  9. i guess you should check the chaser one, pectoral fins and operculum. fine male should have breeding stars and if they dont, they're not ready to breed. you can keep on feeding them bloodworm to push sexual development
  10. i dont think those are fertilized egg. and your tempt is just the same with mine, and mine usually begin to hatch in 3 days, and totally hatched in 4 days. keep trying
  11. should have a pond if she doesnt want to use filter. use 1000 gal pond and will be easy to care. routine water change every 3 month oh i forgot.. just keep 2 goldfish in it
  12. hi deadhead324, I think you're able to keep oranda. why avoiding him? oranda is quite nice, but it would be better if the water level minimum of 15". shallow water wont give him good dorsal development. according to your tank, you can keep any kind of gf, but aware on fish number. if you want good environment for growing, you should just keep one. if you want to keep them just OK, 2 will be fine. 3 are too much. water will get dirty very fast i hope it will help you
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