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  1. @austinado16 we have well water which is softened weekly, i'll see about a water test kit trying to post pictures, here goes, they swim about so fast not sure how to get better close ups, did i post this ok? the tank 50 gallon, powerhead aeration upper left, top right aquaclear 500 foam sponge, charcoal sock, one 'natural' light on the right the food if the food is something i shouldn't use we live by a pond i can get other better food, i soak everything a few minutes the gang 1 everyone is about 3-4 inches the gang 2 large orangish looking one top of this photo had the bulge and is doing better, orangier one has some white from under its mouth and along its under side, store said the middle one with some black was shubunkin, not sure about lower left or lower right ones
  2. hi everyone, thank you for welcoming me, i'll try to get pics soon they're a couple goldfish, a spotted one, white one and i think shubunkin, maybe after i post some pics we'll know better no oil with egg, i'll try to post their foods later, i got variety of foods, looked for labels that said nutritious i also have foam filter, charcoal sock, partial water changes every 3 weeks, power head for aeration
  3. hi everyone i'm new here, i've had fish for past 20 years or so, goldfish last 10 years or so i thought i was doing everything right, nice size tank, good location, meals twice a day, 4 week water changes, aeration, bio filter, lighting i'd lose a goldfish every 1-2 years, wasn't sure why, started not swimming right then would die couple months ago one gold fish i had the past year started not swimming good, bulging side, i softened pellets before feeding then i started reading here, found out they were probably getting impacted from the pellets based on what i read here i got flake food, smaller pellets, scrambled egg, peas and now my sick fishy is still a little bulging but swims, eats and acts like its old self, thank you to everyone for helping me save my goldfish, from all your posts i now have 8 different foods that i'm rotating daily for them for variety i also read goldfish can live quite a long time with proper care, i look forward to it CHEERS!
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