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  1. 60 gallons. Should be big enough for four little goldfish to grow up.
  2. Don't recall the brand... estes, maybe? It's definitely fine and light. I've used other sand in the past without problem, but this stuff gets kicked up really easily. I've already got the filter intake pretty short and a prefilter sponge on it, which helps a bit, but I still have to take the filter apart every few months, and it's completely worn out one impeller.
  3. The substrate is a thin layer of sand and glass marbles. I originally just had the marbles but I added the sand to fill in the spaces between the marbles so the fish could get at sinking food more easily. Kind of regret it, though... stupid sand is wreaking havoc with my filter impellers.
  4. well, I can certainly go back to the 1mm pellets. Apart from the goldfish, I mainly feed the 3mm pellets to bottom feeders who graze on the pellets and break them up before swallowing them.
  5. 1. Ah, yes... I see I was reading that wrong. Need to divide all the numbers in half, then. 2. I have both 1mm and 3mm pellets on hand for my fish (have other tanks with a variety of species). I actually just switched to the 3mm for the goldfish because the 1mm felt like I was just throwing sand at them. What makes you say the 3mm is too big? It certainly fits down their gullet without issue.
  6. I've been investigating why my goldfish don't seem to be growing, and I think I've come to the conclusion that I've been severely underfeeding them. I could use an extra set of eyes to make sure I'm working through this right, though. Fish Weights I just weighed the fish for the first time. It was pretty traumatic... mostly for me. I don't have a precise scale, just a kitchen scale. These measurements are probably only accurate to +/- 5g. But here's what I got: Fish 1: 20g Fish 2: 20g (didn't weigh, but very similar size and shape to fish 1) Fish 3: 35g Fish 4: 30g (didn't weigh, but slightly smaller than fish 3) Food Weight I'm feeding NLS 3mm pellets. There's a stickied thread here with the weights of different foods but I wasn't sure which size pellets were used, so I measured myself. Here's where it gets tricky, because as I said I don't have a precise scale. 160 pellets to fill up a small scoop (1/2 tablespoon, fwiw) 24 scoops of pellets to reach 100g on the scale 3840 pellets per 100g 38.4 pellets per gram If I am aiming to feed my fish 2% of their weight per day, then I am aiming for 0.4g for the smallest to 0.7g for the largest, or 2.1g in total, which is 80.64 pellets. If I am feeding three meals per day that's 27 pellets per meal. Am I right? Any math errors? Any incorrect assumptions? Thanks for the help.
  7. He's all healed up now. I'll let everybody know if there's another incident.
  8. The tank is kept at room temperature. It is not actively chilled or heated. It is usually 70-71 in the winter up to 72-73 in the summer.
  9. The fish is going through the normal progression. The whiteness spreads out and then goes away leaving red behind, and then the red goes away. The fish isn't showing any signs of distress, which it sometimes does when it gets this, so that's good. I won't be able to say if this had anything to do with the dirty canister until I know if the condition is going to come back in a month or not. It makes sense, though... the driftwood and lack of airstone seemed to be the main problem the first time around, and then when I corrected those issues the problems went away until I got lax with filter maintenance.
  10. Just cleaned it out... whew, it was pretty grody in there for sure.
  11. I'll let you know what I find when I open up the canister.
  12. There is indeed a airstone. Actually, it's a "bubble bar", sort of a long airstone that makes bubbles in several different places. It's against the back wall of the tank. I do have Melafix and Pimafix (don't have salt, but wouldn't be a problem to get some), and I have tried treating with them in the past. The problem is that, with or without treatment, this condition always clears up on its own a couple days after it appears. That makes it very difficult to gauge if a medication had any effect or not.
  13. It's been a while on the canister, I'm honestly not sure. A few months at least. I will open it up when I do the next water change, today or tomorrow. I had already taken photos before I saw your request to see the ceramic pot. I'll get some shots of it next time. It's just standard unglazed clay pot. It does get a lot of algae growth on it. Here's a couple photos of the goldfish. This particular outbreak is on one side of the head. In previous outbreaks it sometimes occurs on the tail, or sometimes on both sides of the head symmetrically.
  14. Substrate is glass marbles. Decorations are fake plants and a ceramic pot. Fauna are just the four goldfish.
  15. I can post new pictures tonight. I do not actively run carbon in my filters. The aquaclear has none. I think the canister may have some, I will have to check... it has been a while since I opened it up. My maintenance on these filters has been fairly minimal because unlike the ones in my more heavily stocked tanks they do not ever really accumulate significant amounts of waste. You think that could be the problem?
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