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    5 Wen, Spot, Tres, Weeble and wobble.

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  1. mac

    New Ct

    Picked him up at a lfs, named him King Antonio.
  2. Just went bare bottom on the tank so I took some pictures of the gang. Tres Wen Spot Tres Spot Tres I have never seen this happen in the tank untill today after feeding it only lasted about a min.
  3. I call it the salad bar the fish love to graze on it.
  4. Found the terracotta feet at lowes. Here is another picture, I was posting this from my phone and it would only let me go back in and add the second picture.
  5. Never had a bare bottom tank and like what I saw in the pictures in this forum so I did it. Took about two weeks and now its done. Before After
  6. mac

    New Betta Need I.d.

    New pic and video. The LED lighting is making it hard to get pics will have to rig up some better lighting for pictures. http://s986.photobucket.com/albums/ae347/mac4095/?action=view&current=VIDEO0009.mp4 Sorry about the quality of the pic and video.
  7. mac

    New Betta Need I.d.

    Got him from Pet*****, was labled as a "half moon". I'm thinking a PK delta tail dragon scale, But then again I know so very little. Sorry about the quality of the pics.
  8. mac

    New Betta

    3.5 gallon tank wasn't quite ready but when I saw him I had to have him. No name yet, and I have no idea what type he is so any help would be welcomed.
  9. Water is clear and front and side glass is clean so I took some pictures. Spot. So many imperfections it makes him/her cool (to me). Tres. It's hard to get good pictures of Spot and Tres. Tres again. For some reason I can get good pictures of Wen anytime I want. Camera hog.
  10. Ya, that's what I told myself when I saw it.
  11. Yes I understand the different tank depth thing, but the non-standard tube size/shape that thay use makes no sense at all.
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