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  1. When they gulp at the surface like that they do get air bubbles in them and have a hard time staying down, usually until night time. First thing that comes to my mind is flukes. Hopefully a Helper will come around soon to help you out.
  2. Agree with Dnalex. Tank is a bit too small long term for them all. Also, it sounds like healing from ammonia burns. Your cycle could be complete by now but no way to know without the test kits. These are really important to have when keeping any type of fish. The best way to know if something if off first is to always check water parameters. I would suggest picking them up asap. I always keep kits for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and ph. Make sure to buy the liquid test kits as they are accurate. The strips are highly inaccurate.
  3. So sorry for your loss. Rip Simon
  4. hahahahaha.. let me know if there's a next inline for ya.. i will buy a new fish!! Lol Lets hope not! Had this one 12 years so ima keep him.
  5. Prime is a good conditioner to use. Check it out when you go. It does so much more than most others conditioners. Others have the same problem with ammonia in the tap so I'm sure someone will come along that can tell you what they do in that situation.
  6. Awww they are all so pretty! I love your black velvet babies! My husbands name is David, first love was Paul, kinda strange...
  7. I have the apple snails and I like them. They are just pets but work fine with my goldfish. There are only 3 in a 75g tank now and they do eat algae on the sides and bottom of the tank but really not enough to notice a difference. I leave some for them so they don't starve but I do wipe down the glass with an algae scrubber from time to time if needed. If your buying them just because you like them and have room then I say go for it but if you want a good algae cleaner I would just pick up an algae scrubber with handle, it works great and is fast! Never tried an algae eater or pleco. They scare me! lol Edited: Btw, I can barely read your writing with that size, ya killing me. lol
  8. Aww Bubbles... Hope you can get her healed up too! Just sending well wishes for you and your fish.
  9. Very cool! Free plant AND a free fish. Lucky day I say!
  10. I have many live plants to help keep the nitrates down along with large, I have gone up to maybe 70% a week water changes. I didn't go up because of nitrates, just think fresher water is better for them. This keeps nitrates super low as well. Never higher than 10. I think you can do things like this to ensure they stay low and also still keep checking your params. If anything is off I trust that my test kits will show it.
  11. Wow, I missed all the updated photos somehow till now. What a gorgeous pond! That is about the size I want to build and you did such an amazing job on it. I love the rocks around it now! Are those very expensive? I wanted some like that to go around my hopefully future pond. The fish are so pretty too! If only they knew how pretty their home is. lol Lucky little guys/gals.
  12. Haha, I was hoping someone on here would get Rudolph! Such a cute little fishie.
  13. It's not that she is just really hungry I'm sorry. She was doing the gulping more so when being feed MORE pellets so that's kinda the opposite response. But you can feed even 3 or 4 times a day in small amounts if you think that will help till the treatment is over and then see where she is at then. If the treatment doesn't stop the gulping at least she would be parasite free for sure and could go from there to see if the food or amount of food needs changing up.
  14. Zenfish- He was going to do the prazi because of other symptoms consisting of the butterfly gulping at the surface and his black moor in the same tank yawning frequently. They only got one dose of prazi which wouldn't kill flukes so that's why he is going to do a full treatment. Most don't have the equipment to scrape and test like that but symptoms do point towards flukes. Also, the floating he said was due to her gulping at the surface after meals so I really don't think it has anything to do with the food in this case. He literally sees her gulping for a long period and then she gets floaty from it. This may have become a habit though so getting rid of parasites may not make her stop doing it but hopefully /crossed fingers it will.
  15. They may sulk a bit at the bottom during treatment but that is normal and the treatment is safe for them . Some have different symptoms but yeah the yawning, gulping at the surface and darting all are symptoms of flukes. Won't hurt to see if it fixes for you and since you said your black moor does do a bit of yawning I would say this could surely be the cause of your problems. That is too funny about the cranky old man look. They most certainly do look like one!
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