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  1. If you want an internal filter the fluval u4 is really good but with the size of your tank you will need two maybe 3 depending on the amount of fish. On my 300 leatre I have a fluval 305 external at one end and an internal fluval u4 at the other.
  2. I have just started up a 5000 gallon koi pond. The filtration work by gravity the water drains out of the bottom then comes up into a round tank then into the filter box the water drops through each section containing media. then the pump ( kockney koi yamitsu 250 watt) pumps the water back into the pond but after about 3 minutes the pump cuts out for about 30 seonds then starts up again. Surley this isnt right ? because when the pump cuts out the round tank carrys on filling and starts to over flow befor the pump kicks back in again please help the pump was brand new in the box and had never been used.
  3. Cheers where a bouts in the north west are you I live in blackpool. Are you a Cardiff fan asking because your name is bluebird ?
  4. Ok I have a 65 gallon with 7 goldfish tanks been set up for just over a month. I have been doing 50% water changes once a week and it's always been clear however about a week ago i put a real plant in the tank (all others are fake) since i put the real plant in the water has gone green within a day of doing a water change is this 100% the plant if so how do you guys keep your water clear ?
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