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  1. I'm guessing an update here is in order and I'm afraid it contains bad news. Bash is no longer with us. We took her to a certified Koi Vet and he determined her problem. He made an x-ray scan of her and turns out that her Cranial Lobe was about the size of a small pingpong ball and her Caudal lobe was the size of a single grain of rice. All the others organs were perfectly healthy, she had no deformalities in her spine. Nothing. The eggs she still had in her overy's were fine and there were lots of them. She was perfectly healthy and in absolute good condition(concluded after an autopsie) apart from that d.amn swimbladder. There was nothing we could do, all the solutions were just delaying the inevitable. Her swimbladder problems are a mystery even to the Koi Vet. He has treated a lot of goldfish and koi before and as far as he could conclude it was a genetic problem. We had a nice long conversation with the Vet and ended up spending over 2 hours at the clinic. We learned a lot but we went home without Bash. She was a gorgeous Ryukin and her body showed how well she had been taken care of by us. We still miss her a lot and she will always be remembered. This is the last video of her: She was 2,6 years old when we let her go.
  2. Alright, I've gone with a new approach with bash and goldy. I'm going to give bash 3 salt dips to help clear up the fin rot. It hasn't gotten any worse since my last post here. After that I'll slowly adjust there diet and I'm going to see if repashy green is any good. I bought the Seneye (Pond version) to monitor the Ph, temperature and NH3 levels. This should give me a clear indication on what the ph does and if that could be the cause of the problem. I've had a chat with a koi dealer who's been in the business for quite some time and he says the ph rarely causes problems with fish actually tilting and not being able to swim. He thinks the temperature was the big problem in this case and sometimes fish can recover but it can take a very long time (talking about months here). As long as she is healthy, eating good and doing her poopies then it's okay to just wait and see. If she develops fin rot again or any other disease I'll have to make the hard decision to let her go. For now, good food and a lot of fresh water (if the ph doesn't change that is) is the way to go. Ah and last to clear things up. Bash 'tilts' as in head down and butt up when she's not swimming. She lays herself on the bodem in between a piece of wood and the wall so she can 'rest' and not tilt over all the time.
  3. Hey Dnalex! I remember you! Haha I never posted pictures in my diary of bash and goldy when they got bigger so hence why you haven't seen that I feed them growth hormones, steroids and such... xD Nah I just give them what they need which is: decent quality food, lots of clean water and a big volume of water. They've never been on anything smaller than 100 gallons. Well bash has but she was a lot smaller then as well and still she lived on 20 gallons or more (apart from 2 weeks of her time with us). I can try feeding them some more veggies but like I said, bash is a very picky eater. If this case is permanent then I'd like to know the cause of it so I can prevend it in the future. Her condition has improved over the past several months apart from her still tilting and she now has a small case of finrot. Should I treat the finrot with salt dips or just lots of water changes? As for causes to bash's problems: 1. We thought her bowel system got clogged up because I had to feed them hikari wheat germ for koi during the summer, while I was waiting for a new bag of saki hikari to arrive. This would've explained why she wasn't pooping at all. 2. We thought she had a bacterial infection in her bowel system and that's why she couldn't poop (this could also effect the swim bladder) 3. We thought the high change in water temperature had damaged the swim bladder 4. The water parameters weren't good. As in the ph would drop and raise frequently. I tested the water on it's ph and so far I seen it drop nor raise. I don't trust the drop-testkit I'm using so I'm getting a digital meter for it. 5. Eggs were not re-absorbed and stuck inside her. They could be pressing against the vains around the swimbladder which a goldfish uses to regulate the swim bladder. The problem with this one is that it can cause serious permanent damage if left untreated too long. However if bash does not re-absorb the eggs or pas them out in some way, there is nothing I can do. If the ph would be the problem I'd have to add crushed coral to get the kh up and hopefully not have a ph which is all over the place. For now however I tested the water and have to conclude the ph doesn't change so that can't be the cause either. Seeing as bash has developed finrot, it clearly indicates that she's been stressing a lot. If the finrot won't go away and her condition stays the same then I have no choice and I have to let her go. Every morning I go and check on them and I've always hoped to see her back to normal again, swimming and bumping into goldy because she wants him to chase her. But it's been 5 months now and that hope has started to slowly dissapear Seeing her trying to swim upright or sleep in a normal position and then just tilting or half filpping over is just heart breaking to see. She is such a beautiful fish and she was our first fish which we raised to be so big and healthy and for now I can't even bare the thought of having to let her go. I can't even believe that I love this fish so much but I do and I just don't want to lose her.
  4. @Haley: thank you ^_^ As for the diet, you are absolutely right. I switched from saki hikari color to basic because it contained less protein. They got that 3 times a day and never had any problems with it, they also got bloodworms or musquito worms twice a week because bash loves those. Feeding vedgies however is a problem here. Bash won't eat anything but peas. That and some veggies are really not good for goldies. Gel food would be an option, but again bash won't eat it. I haven't tried repashy though, don't know if it's available here. The nitrates won't go under 10 and there's no way to do so either. The water contains 25-50mg/l of Nitrates so waterchanges won't work at all. We thought it could be bacterial but we already tried to 'cure' that with epsom salt, regular salt(the ones used for fish not food) and baytrill injections. That and she's been having problems for about 5 months now. If it would've been something bacterial she would've been long dead by now. The temperature has already been raised by 3 degrees celcius from 21 to 24,
  5. Hello everyone, It's been such a long while since I was on this forum but seeing as your last diagnosis was spot on, I figured I'd try again. Our female Ryukin Bash is now about 2,5 years old and 4 months ago started to have boyency problems. It seemed she could not stay in one place without her behind lifting up, she wouldn't eat and she did not 'poop' either. She and her mate (another Ryukin) had been through a lot before we finally did not have to move them around anymore (we moved 3 times within 6 months). In our hurry we had to place them very quickly in a q-tank (350Liters) on roomtemperature water. They went from a temperature of 10 degrees celcius to 15 degrees and later to 19 degrees within a week. On top of that the q-tank had a leak so we ended up having to move them again to 800L koi q-tank. I loved the tank because it had so much liters in them which was good for bash and goldy but I hated that we had to move them yet again. But anyways, bash was getting worse and worse, she wouldn't eat, she would lay on her side and not move and Goldy (male) would not swim either. He'd just hang in the water. The waterparameters were all normal, so ph 7.4, kh 3, ammonia and ammonium 0, nitrits 0 and nitrates 25-50 (they've always had the nitrates this high and never had problems with it.) I went to a koi dealer who checked them out and placed some swabs under the microscope. They had no parasites on them. That was good but then what did they have? I thought the temperature change was too much and the swimbladder was affected of bash. Goldy might have a bacterial infection that and his gills were damaged by the koi dealer >_> so I had a bacterial infection to the gills on my hands aswell. I went with the following treatments: - Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) baths 4 times (might help for indigestion and eggs rotting inside of her or not being absorbed by her) - Salt baths 3 times - Salt in the water at a percentage of 0,3 ( 2 weeks) - Garlic water, in the water for 10 days - Garlic water drops, fed through a seringe (amount was based on the lenght of the fish) I tried the above during a period of 2 months. This all led to bash eating and pooping again and goldy's gills weren't white anymore at the ends, he was eating and swimming again too. Now bash was still laying on her side and not swimming properly. This could be due to a bacterial infection to either the swimbladder or the intestines. We tried baytrill injections, 3 of them, this was the first actual medicin we tried because I'm always very wary of medicin. After the shots bash was acting normal again, apart from 1 thing >_> she still could not stay in one place without tilting. She was eating properly again, swimming around, looking for food on the bodem, she was pooping again but still not swimming right. She also fought me again when I picked her up out of the water, she didn't do that as strong as she used too before. We called an actual koi vet and asked him, if he knew anything. Basically he said that the only thing we could do, is drop the water level, raise the temperature, feed them high protain foods like bloodworms and hope they started spawning. I did just that and the temperature is now 24 degrees celcius. They get bloodworms 3 times a day and hikari 1 times. Goldy had some white dots on his fins and gills but they dissapeared after 3 days again. It's been 5 months since I first noticed bash's symptoms. The kh being low is not the problem either seeing as the ph doesn't change eventhough our tapwater has a ph of 8. I change 40% of the water every 3 days (they have about 500L now) and that doesn't seem to change the ph. (tested it for 24 hours, each half an hour I tested and it was still the same). I also added some plants to the tank so bash could deposit her eggs on them. I can't remember the names of the plants but they are easy to grow plants which can produce a lot of oxygen when they grow well. Do you guys have any clue on what I could do? Or is this the right thing? Bash has developed a small case of finrot over the past few days, which shows she is definitely not okay. The fins aren't red or anything, you just see that they are a bit thorn. Ah yes and last, bash feels very hard on both her left and right side. I don't know if this is normal seeing as I've never noticed it before. Her tummy, the part you see when you flip her upside down is soft. Her scales are not lifted, never have been and apart from her tilting when she stops swimming, there is nothing weird I can see. Here are some pictures of her and goldy I took the day before yesterday(she is 28cm in length and he is 24cm in length) Bash it looks like her scales are raised here but that's an effect of the light. I had to look twice when I saw this picture but they are not lifted. Goldy
  6. Okay we officially do not like our LFS now -_- We've been waiting for Saki Hikari to come in for 3 weeks now and it's still not there.Apparently the company they order it from thinks it's okay if they send baby pellets because there is only a slight difference in the substances according to them.. -_- Our NO3 kit didn't come in either so if they both aren't there next week I'm going to order it somewhere else because this is getting rediculous! On the upside, bash and Goldy are still doing fine and bash grew 2cm since she's been in this tank!! It isn't just her tail that grew but her body too in both height and length! anyways we'll keep you updated on when we finally get the NO3 kit.
  7. Wow that is such an amazing piece of driftwood o.o!! I agree the second piece you got looks way better! @Ashlee: It's good you took the wood out, the white stuff could be rotting pieces of wood. If you want to check that is rotting feel if the spot is soft, if it is then it's rotting.
  8. No idea hun, we'll be getting the kit in a few hours (that's when we're going to the store) so I can tell you what they are then. Ah okay, yeah I wondered about it because trinket mentioned it and the green tinge seemed important. I know we passed the ammonia stage but we still check to make sure ^_^ can't hurt to test it a few times a week.
  9. Does anyone know if the green tinge in the water is bad or not? The fish are still doing great, the hump on bash is now higher and rounder and last time we measured she was 16,5cm long ^^ We're starting to see the first forming of brown algue, no other algue has been spotted yet. Our lamp broke yesterday so hopefully we can get a new one today ^^ The ammonia still hasn't presented itself and the nitrites are still around the 0.05-0.1 mark. We've had it drop to 0.025 but 3 days ago our airball was too close to the intake of the filter so it sucked up a lot of air (we discovered it when we came home). Ow yes before I forget, we'll also finally get the NO3 test today and saki hakari fancy goldfish!! We should've gotten the food like 3 weeks ago but something kept going wrong with the order so the LFS had to re-order three times.
  10. @Trinket: We've looked at old pictures of 3 weeks ago of the tank and we now indeed see that the water has this small green tinge. What does that mean? Is that good or are we in deep trouble?
  11. @Trinket: Not to intrude, just currious ^_^ but why are you advising the TS to rinse the material in the filter? From our experience if you rinse the material, you will cause a great loss in bb's and will unbalance the tank. Especially on the frequency the TS is doing. Once the filter will be turned on again, all the dead bacteria will be spewed out and this will cause ammonia and nitrite spikes. I can say from experience that rinsing the filter media that often is not the way to go. You have a very big chance of destroying the cycle and the white bacteria bloom could also mean spikes in the ammonia levels. The water can turn white from high amounts of ammonia too. The advice we got from a friend of ours is to not touch the filter unless you need to change the white filter pads( these hardly contain any bb's and are there to catch the waste material out of the water) or when you see that the output of water is slowing down(then you rinse the tubes and the little motor inside). Changing the water pads depends on how fast they get dirty usually they can go for 2-3 months before they need changing but this depends on the tank's stock lvl's and the filtration. The TS's waterchanges are also very few. Just 20% per week? Commons make more of a mess than fancies simply because they are usually bigger. That means they need more space, more filtration and more water changes. Hence why people mostly keep them in ponds. So my questions are: 1. Why has there been no advice on the waterchanges seeing as they are very low for this tank? 50% weekly is always recommended 2. Why is the advice to rinse all the material and then let it sit for a few weeks? If all the biomaterial is rinsed (even if it is de-clorined water) the TS will lose a sicnificant amount of bb's which will not be able to keep the params in order. 3. Following my second question, if the params won't stay in order isn't it then harmfull to them when she doesn't change the water for about 3 weeks? 4. The TS also stated she only tested 6 times since january. That's 6 times in a period of 3,5 almost 4 months. Frequent testing to me seems more like everyday, as we do here. That way you can see if the params change and can respond accordingly. 5. Why isn't the white bloom of bacteria seen as a possible ammonia build up? The TS has only tested 6 times since january and this does not give an accurate picture of what is going on. Together with the small waterchanges and not enough filtration and rinsing the filter very often, I'd go for very different advice. My apologies if this confuses the TS, I'm just eager to learn and seeing as this advice is the exact opposite of what I've been given I'd like to know why ^_^
  12. Thank you for the warm welcome Trinket! ^^ To answer your questions,we test the water twice a day, always before the water change so we can see if the nitrites/ammonia fluctuate. So far even after 3 weeks we still have not had any reading on the ammonia side, just the nitrites. But because we've personally seen what ammonia burns can do we always test it just in case. We now added a second filter which does 700L(184G) per hour ^_^ this way we have extra filtration untill we'll be able to afford a sump and if one filter would break down we'd always have a spare running. Also we could use in our quarantaine tank if needed (Erinaceus's tip ) We ave direct sunlight ( but not much) and normal light and we can't see any green tinge to the water. We did not use de-chlorinated water, just regular tap water to rinse it out. We've only once used cycle products, way back when we still had a smaller tank but we decided pretty quickly it was a waste of money. So we've never used since and are not planning on using it.
  13. Nitrate test is hopefully coming in next week. We're going to the LFS tomorrow and see if they can order the JBL kit for us. Buying it online is just too expensive -_- But we've never tested positive for ammonia since the start up of this tank ._. just the nitrites and the values never went higher than 0.1. Which is awesome but it's now getting a bit annoying it won't tip over to the green area! But I guess we're heading in the right direction.
  14. Okay we're 3 weeks further and the ammonia still hasn't shown up ^_^ For the past 5 days the nitrites values are in between 0.025 and 0.05. Does this mean were nearing the end of it? The fishies are doing well, they are pretty active and have spawned about 6 times now ._. rabbits I say..
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