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    1 Common Goldfish - Bubster - will be getting more when I've upgraded my tank =)
  1. Hi all, hopefully some of you still remember me, sadly I've been very inactive over the last few months due to real life situations, mainly just college and exams which i am currently 2/6 of the way through! Successfully upgraded to a 20Gal tank and ''Bubster' the common' absolutely loved it and settled in fine, and was a lot more lively. sadly lost Bubster last month though unsure of the cause. if i am honest may just have been due to lack of attention i had been showing due to revision etc =/ no one but myself to blame sadly =( However due to some work being done at the house, soon we should be getting a pond! (if i get my way anyways! =p ) and so hopefully within the next couple months you should be seeing me being more active and contributing more! I may also test my hand at a small planted tank as a side project. Anyways just letting you all know i'm still around and shall be speaking to you all again very soon, hope you are all well. Joey.
  2. I have done another 30% water change this morning, is that enough or shall i do another? He is very much the same today doesn't seem like much is wrong BUT his dorsal fin isn't as up as it usually is, and this combined with the yawning is how Shubz started and so I think I may do a round of flukes treatment, thoughts? I will wait till this evening to see how things progess
  3. sorry for your loss flame =/ - now it is your job to concentrate on the other 2 to ensure they stay healthy Koko's forum will provide you with all the helpful info, make sure you take it on board and use it and those fishys will have great lives
  4. after saying that i've just gone and sat with him for 10 minutes, what a great thing for a 17yearold to be doing on a friday night... oh dear anyways he seems ok now although he is definitely favouring the side which is less affected by the filter - will do another fairly large water change tomorrow and I shall watch the yawning closely - would it be worth adding a dash of salt? and yeah I shall change the tank around a bit. i shall keep you updated with progress - any more information is always appreciated
  5. tap water is pretty much identical to the tank, the nitrates on the tap seem to be closer to 15 rather than 15-20, think thats the only difference. tap water ph is closest colour to 7.6 tank water ph is closest colour to 7.8 doesn't seem to be flicking his fins no more than usual anyway, and doesn't scrape on things although does sometimes like swimming up the glass of the tank, possibly because he can see a slight reflection. he seems to eat less and slower than usual, but maybe that links to a now lack of competition thing because of no other fish? and I am currently cleaning a 20Gal tank out to move him to and then will be buying a better one late spring summer time, or maybe sooner because i found a nice looking deal on ebay
  6. I was reckoning it was the water quality but 2 25% water changes later he still bottom sat, but not for as long, and now he is acting normally again, he does seem to have a favourite spot to bottom sit, it is the point where the filter doesn't make a big sway on the water (sorry for terrible terminology) treated him for flukes around 5/6 weeks ago along with his former tankmate who sadly passed. Test results: ammonia - as close to 0 as seems possible without being 0 nitrite - 0 nitrate 15-20 is the bored thing a possibility? because after Shubz died he did go more lazy...
  7. Hi flamelillies, I definitely recommend looking online for good deals, because as Haruka pointed out UK is really expensive for fishy stuff compared to the US. Get a list of necessary equipment off these guys. e.g. air stones, filters, piping, airpump, decor/plants, meds etc, and then search in different places in the internet (make sure it is somewhere that gets good reviews) and then check your LFS to compare prices, it is probably worth to buy some stuff from LFS because if you are a customer and they get to know you they are more likely to give you helpful advice although this doesn't help with the readings (I think that was covered by Haruka) I hope this helps a bit with money budgetting
  8. They all look so happy and Chester is huuuuge!
  9. Hey everybody, couple days ago I noticed Bubster bottom sitting for a couple minutes and then thought "hmmmm what could that be" so I google searched for a while but it failed to give me a proper answer, so I thought I would pose the questions to the professionals (that's you guys ) Since then I have noticed Bubster bottom sitting a bit more as well... however, this may have been because I have been very busy over the last week and so only did a single small water change! that was put right yesterday, but I did catch him bottom sitting briefly earlier so maybe the params were not to blame (nitrates were slightly higher than usual) What are possible reasons for bottom sitting? edit - I haven't answered the questions because I don't think Bubster is ill, is it possible he is just bored since he used to have a tank mate?? the next question is about yawning, whilst watching Bubster earlier in a 10 minute period he "yawned" 3 times, is this normal? I have another question about poop but I don't like over-posting, so will ask that in due course enjoy the discussion - I hope to learn a lot from this
  10. When I was younger my dad had a Shubunkin, I had a black moor and my brother had a fantail and they all got along fine but just had to be sure that they all got a fair share of food Also agree with Fang I definitely think personality can have affects.
  11. wow loving that set-up - good work
  12. My personal favourites are Fantails, Black Moors and Ryukins - All are very prettyful =D good luck with choosing and keep us uptodate
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