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  1. Hey folks, many thanks for all your help, unfortunately Flossie died today and is on her way to goldfish heaven where she will have no stress and make lots of friends. You guys are amazing, thanks so much.
  2. Reading other folks problems, someone mentioned protozin , will this be any good. I am moving fish to mums tonight, she's 82 years and won't be able to follow instructions. I go t australia on Thursday morning so no time for uk becs to help.
  3. There aren't any vets anywhere around here! Any other suggestions?
  4. Yeah, but will need to empty and refill. Will retain filter water to put back into the tank. Checking the parameters of my mums water tomorrow to ensure best possible conditions for her. She is extremely lethargic again today. Did not eat anything yesterday but had very small amount of gel daphnia today but went immediately back into her now normal place of hanging upside down in the corner.
  5. Hi, struggling to get video but not any improvement in Flossies behaviour. She is going to live with my mum on Monday for almost 4 weeks, what can I do to make this move as stress free for Flossie as I can? I received my crushed coral today. Thanks
  6. She has now eaten all the bloodworms! Still floating too :-(
  7. Hi there, sorry I've not been on line, I've just had my first look in glossies tank since I went to work last night and the crushed peas are still there! She is upside down in the plants gain. She will not come near me. I just put in a tiny drop of Tetra FreshDelica bloodworms and she has eaten some but only the tiniest amount. I hope this s ok? I'm concerned she will just get weaker and have nothing left to fight with! She returns to it but its difficult to see if she eats much as it all separates as it is like gel. I have also just found a Long white piece of poo like clear bubbles in the leaves of the plant. Also something that does resemble thicker green poo, I think that must be a good sign that she ate part of a bean or pea!? I am watching her now and she just flipped onto her back and floated till she got stopped in the plants.
  8. Hi there, well Flossie not eating the peas either and her fins getting more ragged and torn every day. Right now she has come to look at the food then swam away and is hanging head down in the plants. These are silk plants so she isn't getting any food there! On 4th April, I'm away to australia for 3 weeks and Flossie is going to stay at my mums and I would really like her to be well by then. My mum would be so upset of anything happend while we were away ! Water parameters are still excellent.
  9. Do I just crush clove in water and add the beans? Just come in from work and pieces I added earlier still there and she is hanging head down beside the filter pipe.
  10. Oops, she spat the beans out! Will ask my husband to remove them if she hasn't eaten them in next couple of hours.
  11. Hehe, just did three tiny bits from a green bean, she almost left the tank!,,,, hopefully this will work, I am working again tonight so will post an update in the morning. Thanks for all your help.
  12. Hey Koko, will need to go to shops for green beans.....is this better than frozen peas mushed down?
  13. Latest update at noon. Flossie still floating on her back or head down in the plants or down beside the filter. Removed 6 basins full ( 2 litres) and replaced them one out and one in with fresh water as I don't want to have to switch my filter off. All parameters still excellent and I replaced removed salt with one desert spoonful, hope this is ok. I noticed while surfing that perhaps low water temperature can have an effect on constipation so I have put the water heater in and raised it to 68 (normally 66), is this high enough or what would ou suggest?
  14. Hi, just this minute in from overnight job, Flossie hiding in top of plant but responded when I shook the plant a little. She has had an enormously long white stringy poop, almost like a thread, but no longer attached, I hope this is a good sign. Yes, she has been fasting now since Saturday night and it is now Tuesday 7am here in Scotland. Will not feed her any peas until you advise. Thanks for being so vigilant, I appreciate you giving Flossie your expertise and time.
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