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  1. Quote: I place the AC70 back into the goldies tank(which has green water ) Hi, if the AC70 has already cycled or has been part of the cycled tank you should have an established cycle. I placed my bio-wheel 150 filter which was working for about four months in a QT tank and started up my new 29g with it along with another 300 gph filter [new] and had zero problems. I asked your question a few months back and the reply was to check your params for cycle bumps frequently.
  2. @Sand - you could consider LED lighting. Marineland offers a few different options, search the same site -they are listed there.
  3. I ordered a MarineLand LED light fixture for my 75 gallon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think you will absolutely luv it, esp. the blue night time setting.
  4. Another question, when & how much water should I change out ? ***if the params stay the way they are it would seem redundant to me thanks for your advice
  5. thank you, yes the two bio-wheel filters are running & I only covered the bottom of tank with a small amount of gravel this time, They love to pick and scavange the gravel. BTW - the fish seem very happy in the new tank & the dorsal fins are standing tall, no prob with the fish at all. [poet]
  6. zero water changes so far, API drops [date on bottles read 2010] thanks
  7. Yes, my thoughts exactly, so I did the nitrAte test twice to be sure & it showed no sign of it. API drops
  8. Well it's finally up & running. >>> [please read my first post at the top] After 5 days running with my two Wakin in their new home my params read triple ZERO ammonia = 0 >>> Nitrite = 0 >>>NitrAte = 0. I have 350 gph going with two bio-wheel filters & cyrstal clear water / plenty O2 also. [non planted tank] I would expect to see some nitrAte by this time. My question is; did I lose the cycle that I had going in the 10g QT tank ? OR the previously cycled filter & the new 200 gph are working extremely well ? ANY THOUGHTS
  9. Ashlee and the South Park Gang Just too much for words
  10. Hi y'all just to add my two $ cents worth here, I've learned by my mistakes and the use of any form of soap product never enters my mind when dealing with aquatics. I routinely use my 5g waste water bucket, warm water and a handful or more of aquarium SALT for cleaning filters, impellers and lift tubes etc. give it a try the next time Derp derp.
  11. Hi Fang, sorry to hear about Donald, I'm sure he had a happy life span with you Enjoyed viewing your pix, you def have the 'knack' dealing with your large family of fishies keep up the good work Derp derp ...
  12. in other words, I should check the water params each day as a precaution? A You're going with filter media that was only cycled for a 10 gallon, plus adding a new filter that has no BBs, so your BBs are going to be working overtime trying to catch up, and..... they just might not catch up all the way right out of the gate, so the only way to be sure all is well is to test daily. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thx, - I have gravel substrate that I can also xfer over to the new tank to help establish more BB's, can you think of anything else that would help prevent a cycle bump?
  13. in other words, I should check the water params each day as a precaution? A
  14. Hello & Happy 4th of July, A quick question but I'll prob drag it out into full Q & A discussion . I haven't had the time to start up the 29g at the pace I'd like to do things, so the question is this; my 10g QT tank will be available over this weekend to xfer its HOB bio-wheel filter [150gph] which is fully cultured now and runs like a charm. Along with that I also have a new 200 gph HOB bio-wheel which will give me approx 350 gph filtration / 29g ...so far so good. With the 29g in place and running with the two filters mentioned will it be safe to rehome my two Wakins to the new tank? Your advice is always appreciated
  15. Awesome !!! Hope you have a wonderful L O N G time together!
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