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  1. She is awesome Alex! I know how long you've wanted a panda, so excited for you!
  2. No, I have never had problems with my Fluval. But I have read reviews of ones people have that just stop working. You may need call warranty replacement and get a new one. There is no reason a filter that new should just stop working.
  3. Oh my gosh Ashlee! This must be horrifying for you. I have no ideas on what could be causing this, just wanted to say I hope everything gets sorted out soon!
  4. True, I do think it depends on the fish. I think usually the more extreme and long the tail is, the more concern there is for fin damage from the current.
  5. None of my bettas have done well with a true power filter. I just use the little $10 cheapy internal filters by Tetra that are powered by an included air pump. In my mind, they work better than a sponge filter. Anytime I use a power filter I get paleness and torn, clamped fins. They hate water movement generally.
  6. I really have nothing to add, but I am tuning into this thread to see what the experts says. Several of my fish get these sort of spots, and I just assumed they were bacterial spots or the like. I have used salt in the past and it cleared them up but I would like to figure out what is really causing it.
  7. My ranchu, Dexter, was exactly like this. He would drift around upside down but never floated to the top. He was from Raingarden so I asked Steve about it the next time I talked to him. He said that the swim bladder can fail without making a fish float, so that was probably the issue in Dex's case. Lowering the water level was a possible solution as well as eliminating things from the diet. In my case, Dex weakened possibly from stress and ended up dying.
  8. My Ryukins get along famously with all of my other fish, which are mostly telescopes. Never had an issue with aggression.
  9. She's gorgeous, Fang! Donna is the reason I bought a female betta this week, I have her and 4 males. I also love that little 2.5 gallon tank, I have a couple of them for a few of my bettas. They are the perfect size.
  10. Awesome tank Alex! I love it and your new guys.
  11. Absolutely gorgeous fish Helen! Are you able to get these fish from your LFS? If so, I am extremely jealous of you!
  12. I pay $78 for shipping for one fish from Ken. Tithra, the difference in price is that it takes Steve's fish 2 days to get to you. Ken's fish arrive in under 18 hours.
  13. It looks in the picture like the inflamed scales are along the lateral line, am I correct? If so, I had a fish come in from Dandy Orandas with the same thing going on. A hydrogen peroxide dip every other day for 6 days and pristine water healed it right up. Lateral line irritation is usually just caused from stress and damage in shipping according to Ken from DO.
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