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    One Black Moor named Spyro :)

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  1. i don't think he swims, i think he flaps his bubbles and flies like dumbo hahaha
  2. it may well be, but i found it from someone that posted it completely unsourced and untagged on Tumblr, do you have a source link?
  3. i just came across this picture on the internet, CRIKEY !!
  4. mainly pom pom and froghead ! spyro's narial bouquets are pretty cute but these little guys ones are amazing!
  5. WOW ! {spelt 'didn't' wrong in the title, what an idiot!}
  6. yeah defo, if i'd got the 60 i'd of just kept him on his own. I'll try get a telescope of similar size, as i dont want her stealing all the food from him and thinking shes boss haha
  7. the only problem is i dont have any means of transport to collect it, and they are always quite reluctant to deliver :/ otherwise i would!
  8. i've been looking around for ages for a bigger one than my Interpet fishpod 48ltr, I only recently bought it as a complete set-up(cost me £80), but i'm interested in upgrading to a bit bigger if i can get a rectangular tank. This is the cheapest one i've found, for £59.95(free delivery as it's glass). and it's a complete set-up too. (WISH I'D FOUND THIS FIRST!) I haven't really heard good things about stingray filters though so i'd definitely purchase a different one. Aquarium what do you think? Ideally i want a 90 ltr rectangular tank but my budget is not that great and i'm struggling to find one at a decent price.
  9. not anymore no, i took precautions, and the only ornament i have i creepily fondled for a about 5 minutes in the shop to make sure it was smooth! this was probably from the way he sits sometimes under the bubble stone, he rests there and goes into a daze and im guessing suprised himself and bumped his head! the only reason i dont move it or bury it is that he likes going for rides on the bubbles upwards! and sucking up the bubbles making popping noises haha. he's had issues with slime before in the past, and took a few scales off.
  10. (this isnt really a parim / questions above requiring post) Spyro scraped a scale on his head near off a couple of weeks ago, it's grow back underneath, however the 'dead' scale is still attached! it just kindof flaps around on his head when he moves in the water, it's completely translucent and white now. I'm not sure whether to remove it, or just let it gradually come off by itself? Any ideas?
  11. i came home from uni today, had to give spyro a quick water change. do you think he was suprised to see me?
  12. that's amazing, i'm so so proud of your fishies, and you ! xxx
  13. i think i'll keep an eye on her page in case she decides to post about them in future. ultimately these fish haven't got a chance. she bought the bowl then the fish on the same day and just dumped them in. it's so upsetting.
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