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  1. I mean if they are meant to live around 20 years or so on average and you see all these people who's fish lasted anywhere from 2 years to 10 years, are these premature deaths? I mean there are so many diseases, poisonings, illnesses, swim bladder issues, over crowding etc that ca just kill them off. Has anyone here actually had a goldie die of just good ol' fashioned old age?
  2. Cheeto - My Calico Fatail (Girl) Totoro - My 'Blue' Oranda (Male) Mrs. Chubbs - My Calico Fantail/Bubble eye hybrid, lol Sebastian - My icke stunted forever Red Cap Oranda Boo - My Small Calico Fantail (Male) Banana - My stumpy finned Golden Ranchu (Male) And Mr. Snail my Golden Apple Snail
  3. Hes a wriggler, he likes to do ballet, he swims in circles alot, they dont seem to bother him, i kinda feel for the little guy, i think he finds it hard to swim up to the top to get food with everyone else, and when he grazes on the bottom he hasnt got very good aim and sometimes misses food right infront of him lol
  4. I actually have a confession to make, he's your Banana's twin, he's the reason i called him banana, He's a golden Ranchu lol And i dont know he has his pectoral fins, its just they are so small and tiny, like little stimps, so i dont know if he was injured but they are both exactly the sae size. So it might be a deformity, hes like Nemo.
  5. I have a couple of pics but my computer is acting up, guh
  6. So my new Ranchu is called Banana, and he has no Pectoral fins! They are just little stumps, its so funny because when he swims he moves his tiny stumps crazyily. But so far he is doing fine. Just thought id share my new special baby!
  7. Totoro does it ALL the time, sooo cuteeeeeeeeee
  8. Yup both my local P@H stores sell Fantails as Orandas
  9. A5 aquatics in Nuneaton, Hinckley is AMAZING. The largest selection of good quality goldfish i have ever seen. A whole room of just koi and Goldies <3
  10. I brought two today for £7.98 at my lfs, (good deal i think!) i almost didnt have any because they guy couldn't find them because they only get "around 5 a week" and they were hiding at the bottom in between the other larger plants. Anyways im so excited (they are so fluffy and awesome!) What are your guys experiences with them, ive heard they dont need alot of great care, they keep algae down to a minimum (which is good) and goldies dont like them that much. But do apple snails like to munch on them? Since they are keen algae eaters!
  11. My fish always seem to like the snail jut as i am about to hand feed him... >.> They couldnt care less abut him any other time....
  12. Amen to hat! I just think its everyone's choice, if they have that kid of money then why not? I saw a huge oranda with great coloring, body shape and a nice big wen and fins for £25.99 the other day, i thought it was a bargain!
  13. Shes gonna beak my heart when she passes, i saw her about 3 weeks before i brought her on a school trip (my teacher needed doggie bags) And 3 week later when i went to get another fish, she was still in there, poor little girl, so i snapped her up. Obviously noone wanted her cuase they thought she was too deformed. Her bubble has grown a little to ive noticed. My unique baby <3
  14. I always thought she was a Bubble eye/Fantail cross Dorsal fin + 1 normal eye = no 100% complete bubble eye
  15. Every tank has them, a alpha Grazer. How long do yours graze for? Any funny grazing habits? Mine prefer the bottom of the filter.... Its one of their best habits i think, its so cute watching them graze through gravel....
  16. WARNING: Rubbish picture alert. Ok so Feb 11 Jun/Jul 11 Oct 11 (shes on the Left with the red cap (Sebastian) Oh ad see that black spot on her gill? Yeah thats gone too... So is it a good sign of such quick color change?
  17. West Midlands Its in/around Nuneaton, Hinckley area, sounds far fetched but if your near that area ts worth the journey...
  18. Full list of what they had when i went there & according to their website: http://www.a5aquatics.co.uk/fish-stock-list#coldwater POND: Commons Comets Shubunkins Sarasa Comets Yellow Commets GOLDIES: Mixed Fantails Assorted Orandas Red & White Oranda - 8cm Assorted Bubble Eyes Red Cap Orandas Mixed Telescope Eyes Chocolate Pom-Pom Fantails Pearl Scales Pearl Scale Orandas JUMBO ORANDA - 20CM!!!!! (He was huge!) Mixed Ranchu Assorted Butterfly Tales Black Ryukins Calico Fantails
  19. I waned a bubble ye, AS long as i get a bubble eye and that cute yellow Ranchu, im happy.... I'd also like a Pom-Pom for the schools tank Ill try
  20. Oh and they had Calico Ranchus and Calico Orandas I love putting my hand in the koi tanks, they are so funny, they all come up and just nibble the heck out my knuchles, lol They like being stroked too, ive never seen koi so close before...
  21. So, basically our school is getting some fish, our teacher found a 30+ gallon tank with hood and filter in a junk yard and the only problem was the filter was broke and that was it. (He's fixed it now) for, get redy for this, JUST £2!!!!! A 30+ gallon tank with filter and hood for just £2. Anyway, we went to a local aquatics store today to see what fish they had (i'd neevr been there before) and it had everything, marine fish, tropical fish, crabs, lobsters, snails, coral, live plants, koi and a ofcourse goldies. Oh my word, ive heard of all of them and seen pictues but never seen half of what they had in real life.they had the usual... Commons, Comets, Shubunkins, Fantails, Orandas and Moors in all differant sizes, and then they had the rares. Bubble eyes, telescope eyes, chocolate pom-poms, gold ranchus, black ranchus, pearlscales, & crowned pearlscales! All differant breeds from tiny little fantails to HUGE cat sized orandas. I was just in awe and never wanted to leave! But, were going back in 2 weeks to get some and h my gosh, im gonna have a field day! I cant wait! Just wanted to share my day with everyone, lol
  22. Simple question really, just wondering, is your tank near a tv, do they watch it? If not, what do they watch? You, whats going on near them, other fellow household pets... Silly question
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