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  1. I mean if they are meant to live around 20 years or so on average and you see all these people who's fish lasted anywhere from 2 years to 10 years, are these premature deaths? I mean there are so many diseases, poisonings, illnesses, swim bladder issues, over crowding etc that ca just kill them off. Has anyone here actually had a goldie die of just good ol' fashioned old age?
  2. My baby girl cheeto lost her battle with dropsy about an hour ago, she was fie and then after i had my dinner she had passed. So this is for you baby girl!
  3. Cheeto - My Calico Fatail (Girl) Totoro - My 'Blue' Oranda (Male) Mrs. Chubbs - My Calico Fantail/Bubble eye hybrid, lol Sebastian - My icke stunted forever Red Cap Oranda Boo - My Small Calico Fantail (Male) Banana - My stumpy finned Golden Ranchu (Male) And Mr. Snail my Golden Apple Snail
  4. Hes a wriggler, he likes to do ballet, he swims in circles alot, they dont seem to bother him, i kinda feel for the little guy, i think he finds it hard to swim up to the top to get food with everyone else, and when he grazes on the bottom he hasnt got very good aim and sometimes misses food right infront of him lol
  5. I actually have a confession to make, he's your Banana's twin, he's the reason i called him banana, He's a golden Ranchu lol And i dont know he has his pectoral fins, its just they are so small and tiny, like little stimps, so i dont know if he was injured but they are both exactly the sae size. So it might be a deformity, hes like Nemo.
  6. I have a couple of pics but my computer is acting up, guh
  7. So my new Ranchu is called Banana, and he has no Pectoral fins! They are just little stumps, its so funny because when he swims he moves his tiny stumps crazyily. But so far he is doing fine. Just thought id share my new special baby!
  8. Totoro does it ALL the time, sooo cuteeeeeeeeee
  9. Yup both my local P@H stores sell Fantails as Orandas
  10. A5 aquatics in Nuneaton, Hinckley is AMAZING. The largest selection of good quality goldfish i have ever seen. A whole room of just koi and Goldies <3
  11. It wasnt THAT BAD, the fish didnt die or even get injured, its just a guy who made a prank water fish bomb where he let the fish out of the water and side into the sink (kind of) Anyway thumbs up guys and Hi5. Together we will make youtube atleast a very goldfish friendly place!
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEtAtu0rIGA&feature=related What is the point in this stupid 'prank'? Report and thumbs down please
  13. I brought two today for £7.98 at my lfs, (good deal i think!) i almost didnt have any because they guy couldn't find them because they only get "around 5 a week" and they were hiding at the bottom in between the other larger plants. Anyways im so excited (they are so fluffy and awesome!) What are your guys experiences with them, ive heard they dont need alot of great care, they keep algae down to a minimum (which is good) and goldies dont like them that much. But do apple snails like to munch on them? Since they are keen algae eaters!
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