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  1. So should I replace the carbon with more biomax?
  2. Hey. Just wanted to ask about the media in the U3. Ive been reading that the carbon isn't necessary unless trying to remove meds from the tank. So instead I should replace it with something else. I'm becoming a little confused and overwhelmed with all the stuff about sponges, biomax, ceramic media, floss etc. I also read that to keep the water clear you could use polishing pads or filter floss to catch the tiny particals in the final stage of filtration. I've no idea what that means or how to do it! Can somebody please explain things for me? What is all this stuff? What do I need?
  3. Thanks for the advice. We're slowly moving him up to bigger tanks as and when we can. We were given awful advice when we bought him and he started off in a tiny 14L. Moved him up to a bigger one, and now my friend is selling me her 54L really cheap. I would ideally like about 180L so he can have a friend, but can't afford it right now. Hopefully once I start my new job next month, we can re house him again. I do know about cycling the tank...I think!
  4. Hi guys Can you please recommend me a filter for a 54L tank with 1 oranda in? I'm in the UK so something they sell over here would be good. Don't really understand gallons so not sure how many 54 litres are Also is it necessary to have a specific aquarium stand or could I just use a small table/unit?
  5. Thank you for the info Where can I find the posts on cleaning a second hand tank? I'm worried incase any deterents were used to clean it and want to ensure that there is no trace of anything in there before I put Aston in.
  6. Thanks for answering my questions I've just bought on ebay a 180 litre tank which I'll hopefully be getting this week. I was thinking of keeping Aston and 1 other goldie in there and maybe another species of fish. But I've been reading on here that there isn't too much that is compatible with goldfish so now I'm thinking Aston and 2 other fancies? The tank comes with an internal filter, but I'm going to add an external one too. Can't wait to get him rehoused
  7. Thanks for all the advice, it's been really helpful. Aston is a handsome boy isn't he
  8. Hi everyone, For christmas I bought my daughter 2 Goldfish, 1 fantail and 1 which I think is an oranda. I was advised by the pet shop that a 14L tank was big enough for them and even a 3rd if I wanted. I was told all I needed to do was set up the tank with some tap water conditioner and biological supplement and float the fish in the water before releasing them. So that is what I done, I was told nothing about cycling. 3 days later the fantail was floating on its side at the top of the tank, but was still alive. I called the pet shop and after their advice I done a 50% water change, added a tsp of pure salt and tried feeding her some peas. Almost immediately, little Ariel was swimming normally, but she was still at the top of the tank. She tried to swim down but but would always float back up. 8 days later to today and Ariel seemed fine this morning. A few hours later, my 5 year old runs to me upset to tell me Ariel was dead. I went and looked and sure enough, she was. I also noticed red streaks at the base of her tail and fins. After some research, I now know that 14L is way too small for 1 Goldfish, never mind 2! So we will now be looking for a new home for Aston. My questions are: How big should Aston's tank be? How long will he be ok for in the little tank till I can get a new one? He's currently about 2" long. I have a Marina i25 filter, is that ok? How often should I change the water for him while he is in the little tank? The pet shop told me every 3-4 weeks, but clearly I won't be listening to their advice! Will he be OK on his own or will he get lonely? How often should I feed him? I've been feeding him once a day, but the flake tub says 2 or 3 times a day. What fish can I put in the little tank once Aston has his new home? Please help with any advice you can, I don't want to see that devestated look on my daughter's face again I've attached a picture of Aston incase he isn't an oranda
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