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  1. Haha, im going to give it another shot tomorrow, i think my thing is all out of wack.
  2. Anyone have any wisdom or tips on these?
  3. Yeah it is def going to be a learning experience, I am picking them up from the LFS, I'm hoping to sex them as best I can but they aren't mature yet so that is going to be tough. It's a 10 gallon tank, I know what some of you have said, but I've been researching these heavily and it seems like everyone has a different experience, If it becomes an issue I have plenty of other tanks that I can separate them, also those loaches don't get very big I was going to keep them in a group. Lots of Dp owners keep them with ottos, but they are not from sri lanka so I'm going to experiment, if it turns out in a battle i will once again separate them and start a different sri lanka tank Please no one take offense, I do hear your suggestions but I've also heard many many others that all counter react with one another so I'm going to try my luck with this setup and have plans in case things get messy. I do really appreciate everyone's posts. I will def keep everyone posted!! Looking forward to 50% water changes!!! And the giant personalities of these tiny DPS!
  4. Dwarf Puffer Everything in the tank will be from Sri Lanka
  5. It's a horrible drawing, Paint hates me. 2-3 DPs, and possibly a Banded Mountain Loach (Acanthocobitis urophthalmus) Running DIY CO2
  6. Thanks for the advice i actually just found them much cheaper on the web.
  7. The LFS has a huge Marimo Ball and I want it, but the only tank I have right now is my goldie tank.
  8. I'm saying its not big enough to use as a qt for a new small goldie, i have plenty of bigger tanks to put him in after qt.
  9. I saw that others just keep one fish or some snails in there to keep it cycled to have running all the time. I have a few tanks i'm getting ready to set up so i will be need the qt tank up and running for sure.
  10. I have a 10 gallon tank I want to use for my hospital/qt tank, but how do I set it up. Can I just have it running all the time, it should already be cycled for when my fish need to go in it or when i get new fish right? I have a 30 gallon running right now with my goldie in it. Can I take the extra sponge i put in the filter and put it in the new tank? Does that make it where it is already cycled?
  11. That is exactly what I did with my 70 inch bubble wand. The new setup looks great It's a 23 in wand, is there a way to get just the outlet to put on the other side?, And thank you everyone for your comments, Can't wait to get my Oranda Tank up and running.
  12. I might just take this one back and stick with two smaller wands, or just a single smaller wand. Although i have a 80 gallon airpump. I feel like it was a waste to get it just using one small one.
  13. Not exactly sure what you mean, the spliter piece is bigger than the actual wand, so the want fits inside of the splitter piece on eachside
  14. I am not having luck with these bubble wands though, I first tried the bendable one, that was just a nightmare. Then I got the simple green solid bubble wand that has the splice in the middle, and well it only bubbles on the one side.
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