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  1. Oh thanks alot Guys. :D

    Next to the tank that the Calico was in was another 3ft tank with about 20 Ryukins and Fantails and as I was watching them looking for a nice looking "Humpy" Ryukin out popped the Orange Oranda, the only one in the tank, and he looks just the same (bar the black moustache) as the lovely smaller fella I lost a few days ago, just bigger.

    So he just had to come home with me too, LoL

    And so far so good all seems well.

    They'v been a bit surface floaty at times but gave them half a pea each yesterday and half today and the tank is salted so hopefully that should go in time. :)

  2. Ok so I don't know if its me on this but the last few days Iv had trouble getting on here and twice now Iv been on here and gone to post a comment and "lost connection" with the site.

    But last night I couldn't get on the forum at all. Tried for hours but wouldn't work. :(

    So anyways here now (its 11:45am here now)......

    The pics aren't brilliant but the blighters really do not stay still , lol





    I'll try and get some better ones later 2day.:)

  3. So I was out and about today and just happened to pass one of my lfs's,

    ya know....as you do accidently on purpose :teehee:blush:

    And the tank that I got Chu'y from had one last (what I thought was a) Ranchu in.

    So he obviously had to come home with me :rofl

    He is gorgeous and the same size as Chu'y.

    Most likely the last of that batch from when I got Chu'y.

    But then after bringing him home and comparing him with Chu'y this new one has a flat back

    where Chu'y has a very curved back.

    So Im thinking that he most be a Lion Head or more than likely maybe a Cross.

    Neither him or Chu have any Serious Wen growth so I cant compare that.

    I also got a lovely Orange Oranda thats a good few inches long.

    1st time Iv never bought one as a little Baby.

    But she was the only Oranda left in that other tank and she is just the same as my one that died this week but missing the black Moustache.

    I will try and get a pic later tonight.

  4. Mummy and Daddy are absolutely Stunning. My kinda Fish !!.

    And OMG sooo many babies. Bet its amazing watching them grow.. :)


    Haven't got earphones/speakers but after reading new posts.... Sorry you lost the female. She was Gorgeous. May her beauty live on in many of her babys.

  5. Yeah I suppose, Ashlee

    Orey had been in the same tank since I got him and I only got Chu'y at Christmas at a good 3 1/2 inches so he woulda still been used to be to being moved about I suppose. I just thought White Spot was highly contagious between fish.

    Not that Im complaining :rofl

    I'm sooo pleased that Chu'y didnt get it.

  6. Well we wont be getting in to that debate, LoL ;)

    But I'm definitely on the For side for the Gravel in a tank and will be adding some again.

    I got a huuuuge bag of it (from Pets@Home) so will add just a layer (I don't do inches and inches of it) when I'm sure all is well again.

    Like I said in me 1st post though, Each to there own I suppose, LoL ;)

    Anyone got any thoughts on why the White Spot covered my Orey sooo thick n fast and seems (thank God) to not even have affected Chu'y (my Ranchu).

    I thought it was a disease that spreads really prolific threw fish in a tank.

    Just to add if it helps I had Orey since he was about an inch long including tail so small and very young and never had a problem with him.

    He was approx 2 1/2 inches not including tail when I lost him. :(

  7. I was doing daily gravel vac's but ended up taking it all out and having bare bottom and vac'in the base up of number two's a couple of times a day.

    Think I may add it back in though.

    So the gravel I had in there I have kept in a Bucket and my thinking is that by rights the White Spot should just die off if it doesn't have a host, right?.

    So I should just be able to get away with putting it in a sieve and running some boiling water threw it and adding it back in, right?. LoL.

    Or can it it lay dormant?.

    Its been out of the tank about 4 days now.

  8. Ok so there's me all excited about getting a new tank and being able to split my group up and give them better homes and more room.

    Set it up, cycled it for 3 weeks, tested the water, done it all properly ect ect blah blah blah......

    I actually filled it half full with water from the original tank and used one of the two filters that were in the Original... So anyways......

    So added my two favs in to it (as this new one is in my living rm) and my poor Orange Oranda got White spot!!!.


    So started treating with Aquarium salt and adding a heater. I even removed all the stones (which I'm not a fan of as it holds good beneficial bacteria, but each to there own)

    But very very sadly he didnt make it. It took a hold thick and ridiculously fast.

    But the strange thing is Chu'y didn't or touch wood doesn't have a single white spot on him and touch wood again, he seems just fine within himself. Thank God!!!

    I had Goldies for 15years and never had a fish get that bad that quick. :(

    But then Iv never really had major illnesses.

    I went out today and bought some eSHa 2000 (its good stuff)just as pre-caughtion treatment so Im keeping everything crossed Chu'y will stay just fine.


    Excuse the bits floating. Id just added some food. :)

  9. Iv just recently got 20 Cherry Shrimp Fry.

    I'm not sure how many I'm down to now as they are in a tank with Red Gravel, LoL, with just my 2 Purple Snails.

    Id hazard a guess at about 12, 15.

    I'm hoping they will breed like mad and then I'll be able to use the new Fry as food for my Goldies and Guppys and still have them to watch and enjoy. :)

  10. My Orange Oranda is only approx 2 inches in body length (not including tail) and he has a lovely "Bubbly" Wen and full cheeks. Not huge but very noticeable

    I bought him as a 1 inch long, including tail, little baby and he has never been stunted but I have always fed him on Hikari Oranda which I have read is full of extra Vits and Protein and what not for help with Wen Growth.

    I do agree with Cin that maybe sometimes it can be Genetics and breeding.

    But yeah Stunting can do it.

    As I doubt that this one being a Pet Shop one it has much to do with Good Food or Good Breeding, lol. :)

  11. I bought all mine bar Chu'y my Ranchu as little diddy babies. They were all just an inch.

    They'r still 2 to 3 inches (NOT including tail) long now so still real small compared to some large beauties Iv seen on here.

    I only got Chu'y at Christmas for my Birthday. He is approx 3 inches odd..

    But when I saw him I HAD to have him, LoL.

    And he's still got plenty of growing to do.

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