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  1. Two with out Flash.......



    And one with flash..........


    The two scales nearest the gills are sticking out/up. Couldn't get a decent pic' to show

    and didn't want to keep him outa the water for longer than necessary after his HUUUUGE shock.

    He's got a fare few missing going over his hump, just behind his head and a few missing scattered on his other side, bless him. :(

    It actually looks worse to look at than in the pictures, but my 5mp phone camera is rubbish.

  2. Oh blimey I never even thought of that Fang.

    Thanks God she done it when I was there otherwise... well I'm not even gona finish that sentence.

    Iv just took some pictures so I'm gona up load them in a minute.

    He is still very "quiet" but then like I said he isn't really a very active Fish.

  3. Meant that Fishy was swimming on the wonky, but just been up there and had a check in on them and he's straight again now and seems fine and Chu'y apart from the breathing and scale loss was & is swimming ok.

    Yeah very luckily there was no skin punctures just the huge scale loss :(

    They seem ok again now, mooching about.

    Just added some salt in.

    I cant even come close to explaining how relieved I am that there was no punctures and (touch wood) he seems ok with in himself.

  4. So what a way to wake up.....

    To a great big splish splosh and Chu'y landing on my leg, bless him.

    My tank up stairs is right next to my bed (as a bedside cabinet would be) and on the lid theres a little hole thats about an inch by 2 inches (one of the feeding holes I lost the lid for. Normally covered but was obviously knocked off. So have to find a better way to cover it now)

    Anyways so the bl**dy cats managed to swipe Chu'y out of the hole tank space and that poxy little hole (Chu'y has always been a chilled out fish that isn't overly energetic and will just sit there for a time or just mooch about, unlike the others that just don't stop)

    I picked him straight up and had a little look and there is no broken skin just a big chunk of scales missing one side, I suppose it would be like the equivalent area of our shoulder and a few the other side.

    I think she's (the cat) has "spooked" Fishy too cos he's swimming on the Squew wiff a bit now but otherwise ok. Leonard seems perfectly fine.

    Chu'y was, unsurprisingly, breathing rather rapid but I put some of their food in straight away and he did swim to get some (and Fishy)

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased that theres no broken skin, I was soo nervous giving him the once over. But the scale loss is very noticeable.

    Hes going threw such a beautiful colour change now too. From the Dark Blue he was when I got him, now he's a gorgeous bronze/Gold and silver belly.

    So anyways........ Was thinking all I have Api Aquarium Salt should I add it to the tank or would it be like (for want of a better terminology) adding salt to a wound, excuse the pun but you know what I mean, would it be too much right away and make it sting too much ect

    Or am I just being too soft.

  5. I got Leonard (my Runty fantail) and Fishy (Oranda) together at the same age and from same tank last summer (2010)

    They were about an inch small(including tails) and then Dory at a later date a few months later at about just an inch n half.

    Dory is now 4 inches long, Fishy is about 3 n half, 4inches. And both very chunky.

    But ma wonky tailed Leonard is still about 2 n half inches long and very noticeably smaller.

    I do think it is a Runty thing with Leonard though as (most on here know) he has a wonky very mis-formed tail too, bless him.

    I do think he will get bigger still, but just a lot lot slower and not as chunky as "normal"

  6. Oh yes Lily sure is a cutee.

    The only thing about Leonard's tail is that the right side constantly stay at like 1, 2o'clock high.

    I didnt notice it when he was in the shop and so diddy or anything.

    But it does make them that bit more special to you. :)

  7. Thanks OYF :)

    Apart from the fact that his bum wiggles a fare bit more than a "normal" fish as he's swimming along he's fine with it and it doesnt bother me.

    Think its makes him abit more Unique really :heart

  8. Right so I posted pic's Id finally managed to get of Dory (even tho' now Iv seen Dory has an 'outy')

    And posted some of the other 3.

    L'ace, Chu'y and Penny having a munch.

    So today I done a complete clean out of Dory, Leonard and Fishy's tank and managed to just get some half decent ones of Fishy (only named that because a name never stuck with her)

    Oh and Leonard's tail. So thought Id post them.

    I got Fishy from P@H as one of those small 2 for £5. She (definite 'inny') was only about 1 inch or so small.

    She's is about 3 n half inches long now.



    And a piccy of Leonard and his mis-formed tail.

    Rather blurry but you see it's not split and 3 pronged.

    It also sits wonky too. The left side hangs normally but the right side is always held above the hight of its head.

    I got him with Fishy and they were the same size.


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