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  1. God you cant just drop it can you.

    My last reply to you was just simply saying what you said WAS rude after me saying ok just leave it.

    NOT a load of bad things about you as you seem to say!!. Iv been nice to you to get rude back.Maybe we just have diffent standard as to what rude is. :(

    And from then just simply explaining why I said about the netting to and talking to Red.

    Take it from now on every ones not allowed to have their own opinions on different matters now. I wont bother. You keep going on. :(

  2. Here here Stakos!!!. I couldn't agree more

    All Iv done was post an opinion and then get bonbarded, lol.

    I cant count the amount of times I said ok drop it, each their own opinion and ideas.

    I too have gave advise and questions and hopefully it can get amicably sorted between you Paul and the Fish owner.

    Goodluck :)

  3. Yeah just pleased I was right there when it happened. Other wise my Cat would have had a nive snack :(

    She sure is a serious hunter though being able to get him from that little hole and the hole size of the tank.

    The little holes all properly covered and taped up now. Cant be having that happen again.

    Thanks Amy :)

  4. My point being that just because two people have different opinions one person can NOT then go on to say that the other is not 'open minded' and doesn't Know anything about the other persons opinions. It IS very rude what was said.

    Id already said before a few posts back that 'ok we'll agree we disagree, just forget it move on'. Each to their own....

    Which was my main point of adding that I have always worked hands on with animals..... meaning that in jobs like that you need to learn and be understanding of peoples different ways. I don't need to told in that way that I don't know!!.

    I have nothing against people that want to keep their cats in thats up to them.

    Like I couldn't care less if your a 40yo virgin stamp collecting train Spotter to someone thats a S*x craved, SnM Mistress. Thats their business, LoL.

    You cant judge and force your opinions/beliefs on someone and be rude to them just because they don't believe the same thing as you.

    Maybe its an American, English thing too, everyones cats here go out here (And YES Im sure theres naturally the odd exception) and I know many an outdoor cat that has got 18yo.

    I have a good American friend who has had two puppies since Christmas that have died having been run over in on the road by her house. :(

    But anyways enough now.....

    Fang thats why I thought a temporary collar and tag may be helpful (if he doesnt wish to keep the cat in) if the Fish owner does get hold of the cat in some way so then the Fish owner could ring the number on the nag.

    I know if it was my fish and I knew that they were disappearing Id be keeping my eye out for a cat and asking about owners of it.

    I couldn't hurt it though, LoL. But I know other non cat lovers surely may do.

    If theres a cat in my garden that isn't mine, I just let the dog out there, LoL.

    (And before the moan he doesn't get to get hold of them!!!)

    Paul also if you live in a more built up area with more cats in residence in neighbours houses too (say for example if you are in Derby England, Terrace houses ect) a cat would not have a real big territory.

    Goodluck :)

  5. I just get really bummed out when people refuse to have an open mind and look at the facts of a thing.

    Apologise then you add the 'but'... and just repeat what you said in that last post.


    I have worked with animals Since I was 15, well over 15 years now, I don't need to be told I don't know different ways and opinions of animal keeping.

    Like I said every ones different, different beliefs ect doesn't mean one is right and one is wrong. You cant talk to people like that and or in that way just because they dont agree with something.

    Oh I give up :wall

  6. Please don't be patronizing (which that WAS) about it I have been perfectly kind and open in saying well every is different and has different opinions, agree we disagree and move on now.

    I have worked with animals Since I was 15, well over 15 years now, I don't need to be told I don't know different ways and opinions of animal keeping. And definately spoke to like that either

  7. Oh well in my opinion the fish owner like I said where ever they come from, should surely know that the fish keep going missing so they should be doing something to cover the fish for their safety. Anyone with half a brain wouldnt leave it so the fish can still be able to be taken.

    As said before, Cover the tank, check window, cat flaps ect, Or you'd get a cover for a pond.

    Is what I meant by irresponsible.

    Like if you had someone come on here and say "My fish keep getting taken out of my pond" I don't know anyone that the first thing out of their mouths wouldn't be Is it covered/netted.

    Sakura the saying "Agree to disagree" simply means that we both agree that we both disagree on the subject being spoken about, so thats cool.. move on... Is what it means :rofl;)

    Like I said befor each to their own.

  8. Hay Paul Iv just had a thought......

    May be you could get a snap buckle collar (NOT not not those horrible elastic ones!!) with a tag on it with your name and address/phone number just in case the irresponsible Fish owner does get hold of your cat or something like that. Then they could contact you and also know that he has a home and is a pet

    Its not that expensive either.

    When my cat was getting over her last bit of illness and started going out again I got one for her and bought a tiny little metal screw up thing that u put a roll of paper in with your details on. Its was like £1.

    Even though every one round here knows everyone elses cats I just done it while she still looked shaved, scruffy and ill looking so stranger people knew she was someones.

    She doesn't wear one now and wouldn't have one on her. She's chipped....

    But yeah anyways you get ma point..... :rofl

  9. Heehee, like I said not gona get in that debate but Iv worked with Dogs and Cats (Guineas. Rats, Hamsters too) since I was a teen, so years, Im getting old now :rofl

    My sister has Pure breed Persians that mostly stay indoors but she's built a huge outdoor run for them. I can understand that type of cat.

    I lived in a 1st floor flat(apartment) for a few years when I was an older teen and had two cats then that stayed in just because their was no instant access to the outside. So I have done it before.

    But I could never have a non Ped Cat indoors a house just for the sake of it.

    MY precious beautiful Girl was attacked last year, the vets think it was a dog, her stomach was hanging out. She ended up having half of her intestines removed and a nice tummy tuck, and we thought she was going to need to be PTS 3 times.

    But she got the stitches out of her belly, got the all clear and I couldnt have kept her indoors after that if I had wanted to, she was even going mad to get out and have her usual mooch about even when ill, :rofl

    She's 10 this year and Iv had her since she was a little bitty Kitten.

    She's an excellent hunter too :rofl

    She has some yummy little snacks :rofl

    Its just natural nature.

    I must admit though if I catch her with a bird b4 its too late then I'll take it off of her but otherwise......

    But then it is each to there own I suppose. The world would be a very boring place if every one had the same opinions and way of doing things ;)

  10. Oh noooo I could never keep my cat indoors. I think its kinda cruel. My cat would go mad if I started keeping her in. Especially just because someone couldn't take care of their tank/Fish/Pond properly. Huntings just a natural instinct after all.

    NO offence to anyone and definately NOT wanting to get that debate going!!. ;)

    The only reason Id be worried about my cat going back out is if the quite frankly stupid owner of the Fish (where ever they come from) actually realised and put poison down or tried to harm your cat instead of doing something to protect the fish like they should have in the 1st place!!.

  11. Yeah I gathered from what you wrote they weren't yours ;)

    Surely like I said with the pond though...If you knew your fish were going missing then you would have the brain power to cover the tank up/close the window/check the cat flap ect ect.

    And They may still be from a pond. My Mums got a pond that is half below and half above ground and her fish are always having babies so always a "Fresh supply" of smaller Fish.

    That smaller size would also be a lot easier for a cat to lug out of a pond or tank too, weight wise.

    I'm just picturing a cat trying to haul out of a tank/pond and drag along a Huge 10 inch Karp size fish :rofl

    I would definitely still try and ask about if it is possible.

    These people MUST obviously know that there fish are going missing... unless its like my Mums pond that has a constant supply of Fish so to speak. They should also be doing more to protect there poor fish in my opinion.

  12. I would definitely ask about to find out who in your local area has the pond and maybe have a word with them

    I'm thinking they may be quite p*st off about it though, but if it was my pond and someone else's cat was poaching Fish I wouldn't have no qualms putting a good net over it.

    I'm not being funny but they cant expect to have an openly accessible pond and some sought of animal, be it a fox or another Cat or whatever try not to get the fish.

    Are you in Derby England?. We have a lot of Foxes over here I know.

    My cats always got a Bird (well I end up finding piles of feathers somewhere on my lawn, bless um) or playing bop-it with mouse and she gets on with it, its just nature. But as a Fish lover Id definitely have to try my best to find out where they coming from.

    Hope it goes well for you and if you find the person they are nice enough people about it.

    Surely if its happened a few times they should have got round to protecting them better anywyas.

    Goodluck :)

  13. Ok so I re-homed Dory, my Big Black Moor, last week and had a re-jig of the fishys.

    Basically just put Chu'y in the tank upstairs with Leonard and Fishy, where there is more room for them all that way.

    But anyways to the point, LoL........

    Ever since Penny and L'ace have been on there own Iv noticed that Penny has been Vent pecking L'ace.

    Does this mean Penny is now a Pen?.

    Or is it something they do?, just like other species of animals do.

    I cant see no Stars anywhere on Penny and Iv had a good long look.

  14. Oh Tex that Stickty tape sounds like a good idea

    (would be funny watching a Cat trying to walk across Sticky tappe, LoL)

    Iv got to get a roll of Carpet tape for a rug I have in the living room so I'll use some of that to stick something over the little hole with. :)

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