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  1. unfortunately he died last night :/ it was pretty sudden too he still looked normal yesteday, i could tell he wasnt feeling well because he would stay at the bottom and only swim to the top a little but today i came home from work and saw that he was in the corner bent over.
  2. i actually dont i am going to the pet store tonight tho, how much aquarium salt should i give
  3. ok great so I shoudlnt have any ornaments? I only have the one bigger house cuz in case h eer wants to hide in there but i will take the gravel out today, also should i be giving him aything right now? i only have melafix
  4. also im noticing today that his eyes are bulging out ALOT more they are literally out of his head and his scales are getting more cottonish
  5. so i just checked and the metronidazole is a gel .75% 70g the meracyn two is expired already in 2013 :/
  6. ok sure will the melafix help at all? i will let you know on the other in a couple min
  7. i actually have Metronidazole but for humans lol i dont know if i can use that on him or not on hand for fish i have meracyn not sure if I or II and I have melafix too i ran out of salt ill have to go get some on thursday bc im at work and school all day tomorrow, itll be closed by the time i get out
  8. ive posted the better lighting if you stillneed more let me know i will try hes so difficult to keep still
  9. here are the rest of the videos i hope this lighting helps http://youtu.be/NePa5-vI1PU http://youtu.be/N235JEGzRj0 http://youtu.be/WNEOUm2u7-E http://youtu.be/PZZLGAM4x48
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NePa5-vI1PU&feature=youtu.be i tried a different lighting he wouldnt stay still so i couldnt get good pictures but i got a couple videos this is 1 of 4. i will post the others once their done downloading
  11. Just trying to give some perspective on water amounts and prices:Unless you're using RODI or distilled water (and if you don't know, you're not) 27 gallons a day is not much at all. * A ten minute shower uses about 27 gallons of water with water efficient shower heads. * Flushing the average water conserving toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush. Old toilets use double that. * I live in a desert, and my water prices is about $2.27 per thousand gallons. This works out to about $0.002 per 27 gallon water change. A 100% change every day would cost about six cents per month. * Lookup the price per gallon/liter of your city's water and do the math. It's probably so cheap it's better to worry about the fish than the cost of the water. I totally get wanting to conserve water - I live in a desert. I 'dump' my old tank water into my lawn & garden during the growing season, and use it to wash my cars. Water changes in your 27 gallon aquarium will barely make a dent in your water use. Humans use a ton. its not so much the water use, its the sewer use. My bill comes out to $300 every 3 months and the majority is not the water its literally the sewage/pipe use. I live in washington dc so its more expensive then the average state.which sucks, i just want to find somethin even its temporarily until i can get my 27 gal back. i also have to factor in the electricity. with the 27 gal i use two filters since its a bigger tank.I know it doesnt seem like it would affect much but it really does with all the electricity i use too connecting my filters, the air bubbles etc. Im willing to get my 27 gal back but at the moment I cant because its in my backtard and its covered with ice so i cant bring it in alone since im a small girl lol. i was wondering if in the mean time i should use melafix? and also i dont see cyst in his body it just looks like his scales are deteriorating and he has cotton like substance in that side of his body, I would like to add the melafix but if salt is better i would do that too. i just want to make sure the melafix wont hurt him
  12. would you recommend the salt or melafix? i have melafix but ive had it for some years do you think its still ok to use, i never used it, maybe just once so its full. Here is another video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nskMmsa3FUM&feature=youtu.be will the bump go down once i treat him, i really thought it was a tumor just the way it sticks out, you probably cant tll much on the video, unfortunately i have crappy lighting in my house in general thanks for the quick response btw!
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