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  1. Lol they figure out who is the hand that feeds rather quickly. I need to make a post about my new goldfish...
  2. Awe yay!!! I love these contests since I am waaaaaaaay too poor to afford a subscription again any time soon.... I miss chatting with the subbies all the time!!
  3. I have the black flourite sand in my planted tank right now and I really like it. It has the same cloudiness issue as the flourite gravel, but other than that it is very pretty and nice to plant in and the plants seem to really like it
  4. I have this for my tea!!!! It s the cutest Found mine in a tea shop
  5. I was just living in a city 3 hours away from my home town for 2 months doing my final nursing practicum, and I was at a pet/fish store almost every single day going crazy seeing all the beautiful fish but knowing I do not have the room for them. I usually don't get to see fish this often since the little town I live in does not have any pet stores, so this was super different for me. I used to only see the ones online to drool over, but having them right in my face was torture lol
  6. I remember seeing something like this a few years ago on the forum, but for the life of me, cannot remember what it was or how they treated it. Very scary!!! You are in good hands though with the mod team on here
  7. I love this!!!! I need this on my pond one day... also, beautiful fish!!!!
  8. Hey fellow Albertan!!!! I am not from Edmonton, just staying here for a practicum right now, but I have seen some really gorgeous bettas at petland on Manning. I am staying near there so I go check it out all the time
  9. Hey Charlie how much would shipping to Canada be?? I am in love.... Even though I am a poor student..... I really want a pair
  10. Use a big pot and stick it halfway in and boil it for a few hours, then switch sides and do the other side.... thats how I did mine
  11. Haha he is so cute!!! I need to get some of these... I always wanted some as a kid but my mom was grossed out lol
  12. OH my gosh that is beautiful Jess.... seriously jaw-dropping... I am so sad you will not have tanks for a while though because yours are always gorgeous!!
  13. Any 100% silicon is fine, you can buy the ones from home reno stores and they will work great, just make sure not to buy the kind for bathrooms because it has a mildew protector in it which is bad for the fish
  14. Oh my gosh Dan!!! It is absolutely stunning now!!!!! Like seriously professional looking.... one day I may attempt a fancy planted tankscape but I am too poor so I shall enjoy yours from afar
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