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  1. A goldie that could wash my dishes and iron my clothes would be nice . :)santa
  2. I agree , it's all about time .... I won't lie , first two or three weeks , I was alittle bored of the goldfishes and thought about selling them but I could never bring myself to do it for some weird reason. At first I couldn't really put my finger on why I liked them yet I was bored of them. Finally one day , they were just so dang cute and I thought to myself, " what the heck was I thinking getting rid of these " . To me they became pets and not really typical fish in tanks like all those neat cichlids and catfish will always be. They are like little animated characters out of pokemon or something. Now that I have seven goldies , each one def. has their own personalities . I think maybe it takes time for the fish to get used to the new environment and their personalities come out. Def. give it a few weeks or a month , trust me , they will sneak into your heart !!!!!
  3. is there a good site or instructions on making agar agar mix ?? that sounds very convienent !
  4. Looked in there tonight , both goldies are swimming normal ..... I'm pretty sure I fed them too much yesterday morning .... Sorry for freaking out so quickly , LOL ... and thanks for all the responce ... .
  5. Yup , I always add declorinator in each bucket prior to pouring water in the tank since I was told it could kill my healthy bacteria otherwise...........
  6. Light showers only .... central texas is in stage two drought ... anyways , I was thinking , I'm wondering if I've over fed them .... the presoaked flakes are small so I'm wondering if I fed out too much ... the two are floating upside down gasping . I'm wondering if i should fast them for two or three days and maybe fourth day feed them peas ....
  7. What came of this issue ? was it resolved ? .......... when they were swimming upside down , were they gasping for air ? Mine are doing the same , I'm wondering if i have over fed them , ggrrrrrrr
  8. I changed the water this morning , filled it up , i forgot to add the airstone , twelve hours later , i look to turn out the lights , two goldies are floating upside down gasping for air ...I added an airstone and lowered the water level to where the canister filter wand breaks the water surface as well .. I'm not sure if it's bloat or ??? Anyone have any ideas ? This really nnnnnnnnnnnnnn me off ...
  9. I'll try reposting them , I need to figure out how to do it .. I DL the pictures from my PC onto photobucket and cut n pasted the HTML ... anyone point me in the right direction in rectifying this ... THanks a million !!!!
  10. I have both tropical and goldfish tanks , I have to say I can not compare the two , it's just very different . Tropical fish and the anubias / swords and java ferns , it's very natural and I have a piece of the amazonia river in my living room. The goldies are very different , to me , they are more of " pets " , very cute animated characters , and of course , my GF likes them alot more , LOL .... Although I do not have an addiction , I almost always purchase any goldfish that reaches out and grabs me ... If i don't , then I obsessed over it and worry if the fish is still there that next day !!
  11. Yes , they do well in lower and mid 70s F , but do they do okay , thrive in mid to upper 60's F ?
  12. Here are my two telescope pandas , I think they are females . They are about five inches , dopey and comical . They are fun to watch. I am hoping the pink will wash out and maybe some white or black will color it in ..... Sorry for the blurriness
  13. These are great sexy little fishes , where are they orginaly from and what colors were they when you first got them ?
  14. I've been using pothos as aquatic plants in my aquatic herptiles such as Mata mata , Pipa pipa , and Lungfish tanks for awhile ... It loves the ammonia and nitrates the animals produce . Some of my turtles have munched on them and it's non-toxic . I'm not sure if goldies eat them .... I should try them ..
  15. Can Anubias take water temps in the mid or high 60s ? If not , what are some of the lower temps anubias can take ?
  16. I'm too lazy and too forgetful for DIY CO2 drops , and I'm too cheap for CO2 tanks , that is my problem !!
  17. i used them to feed my malaysian pipe fishes , BUT make sure the fish eat them all or net out any leftovers ... the larvae will metamorph into adults quicker than you think and mosquitos flying in your house is very annoying !!!
  18. I'm sure this has been asking 100 x's and I apologize . I have some huge pieces of Anubias , can I keep anubias with goldfish ? I would also would like to get some moss balls , not sure if the goldies would relish them or not ...
  19. I've got hair algae for over a month now in my South American Cichlid tank ... I dont know how to get rid of it other than " control " it by water changes and removing it by hand . I've tried otocinclus ( spelling ?) , whiptail catfish ( waste of money ) , but I have not tried Simese Algea Eater . I might try the latter ....
  20. I saw a 5inch telescope ( looked like a subadult panda ) that had alot of white with black specks . It also had alot of pink (skin color but no missing scales ) ... Will the pink remain into adult or with good food and age , the pink will change ?
  21. Or you can scratch everythign and get a small group of Celestials or Bubble Eyes
  22. There are some very nice fish stores in Dallas if you're up for a small drive . There's also a good koi/goldfish society in dallas to get you all the connections. I've got four celestials , so far I find them pretty comical . They do need to be a single species only tank since they are kindof slow and dorky in their own charming way and takes them a few min to figure out where food is . Good luck in your search !!
  23. Will you stop teasing us ..... geeshh , hahahaha ...... just kidding ... I wish I could find bubble eyes with that quality ... Love the pictures though , makes me drool ..
  24. I'm interested in getting a few sarrassa , but my question is .... What should you look for in an ideal sarrassa ? Do they keep their patterns and color from young onto adults ? Thanks !!!
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