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  1. They are too cute attacking that piece! Dawww what kind of greens where they? I should give my fish something leafy the only greens they have gotten recently are green beans heh.
  2. Thank you - I also love love your default photo/avatar!!!
  3. Here's another quick vid! I didn't want to start a thread thread UNTIL I get myself a decent camera - maybe for christmas So it's cell pics and videos for now. You can totally see a bit of her cone head XD I'd like to put a few live plants in, and maybe a substrate. I am debating on sand but Im scurred! hehehehe. Also maybe a new fish or two.
  4. Very cute, it must be so much fun to raise fry!
  5. I'm seconding a nice red or red/white fish
  6. Super cute, tiny lil eyes hehe! Almost looks like a butterfly like tail too!
  7. Probably some sort of midge fly larvae, I have had them in my tank too. Mostly in one of the filters once.
  8. Pond (and puppy) are AMAZING! You are making want to build a pond like that. Very good job! Lovely!
  9. Ahahaha thanks guys! That is what I thought but wanted to run by ya'll
  10. Ive been doing some work, and doing some maintenance on my eheim canister filters... Ive been reading this article - http://www.rexgrigg.com/Eheim%20Classic%20Canister%20instructions.htm I am curious.... 1) This site says you should be replacing 2/3rds of the ehfisubstrat (balls) every 6 months. Does anyone else do that? 2) The site refers to "backflushing the media" after the first 3 months, but doesn't actually explain how to do it. So, is that something people do, and if so, how? Thanks!
  11. Omg Ive dropped so many tubes before in the sink while rinsing and broke em! >.< LOL I didnt realize they would fit on the ends - great tip thanks!
  12. Thank you! I'm jealous of the one on your profile pic! For these pictures, I used the Canon T2i and a flash. Which lens to the Canon T2i? Also Happy Birthday
  13. Im so jealous! What kind of camera do you have? These little guys are darlings! <3
  14. Fang how did you get that awesome algae wall? I have tried for some time not never got it to take off >.< I think I am in need of some new bulbs... It's been about a year now
  15. Wow your fish are remarkable! Stunning photos!
  16. I hope your fry are growing well! I should try using fresh greenbeans. Ive always used unsalted canned greenbeans. But I take the little seed out of the middles.
  17. Thanks everyone! Nice to be back and bopping around No, but y male does at times still - has a habit of coming to the top when I walk near the tank (which is what I was doing with the cell phone, thinking it's feeding time) It has decreased though, in the Spring I had an awful time with the gulping. I'm so very grateful no one developed severe floating issues.
  18. Ashlee your tanks are beautiful! And so are your fish, water is so crystal clear! I am looking forward to trying out a substrate again I haven't had any in years.
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