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  1. They are too cute attacking that piece! Dawww what kind of greens where they? I should give my fish something leafy the only greens they have gotten recently are green beans heh.
  2. Thank you - I also love love your default photo/avatar!!!
  3. Here's another quick vid! I didn't want to start a thread thread UNTIL I get myself a decent camera - maybe for christmas So it's cell pics and videos for now. You can totally see a bit of her cone head XD I'd like to put a few live plants in, and maybe a substrate. I am debating on sand but Im scurred! hehehehe. Also maybe a new fish or two.
  4. Very cute, it must be so much fun to raise fry!
  5. I'm seconding a nice red or red/white fish
  6. Super cute, tiny lil eyes hehe! Almost looks like a butterfly like tail too!
  7. Probably some sort of midge fly larvae, I have had them in my tank too. Mostly in one of the filters once.
  8. Pond (and puppy) are AMAZING! You are making want to build a pond like that. Very good job! Lovely!
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