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  1. my little miss betty minnow is turning orange! and its a beautiful process if i do say so myself!

    here she is when i first brought her home


    nice and bronzy



    and now


    you can see the orange much better from above (tank cleaning time)




    and everyday theres more and more orange on her but oh but it sure is lovely watching her change! from above she almost reminds me of a koi

    and jsut thought ide add some pics of marchello too

    he hasnt changed much unless you count how FAT hes getting!

    first came home




    and now


    you can see in the top view pics he looks almost like hes dropsied but he isnt hes jsut a fatty



    p.s only had both these fish for a few months now like 5 now?

  2. if you really dont wanna hurt his feelings you could wait untill he goes some were take the fish to another pet shop or back to wally world and when he comes home start crying that they died and you already flushed them. then go on to tell him your so broken up about it you jsut want ot wait on anymore untill your greif has subsided then every few days jsut randomly say "poor fish!!" and sniffle


  3. my first fancies came from a combo wally world/pet store one of which was 5 years old he came from wally world i bought him as a teeny little 1.95 goldy the second oldest was like 3 years old? he came from the pet store then the last two also came from wally world and were doing great it wasnt untill i moved them into my bf tanks and back that they caught somthing and shortly after coming home died.

    then the latest fancies that died came from wally world but they looked very healthy and acted very healthy and i find it odd that two of them died of what looked suspiciously like bacterial infections.

  4. I dont know if many of you rember but i had trouble with some very nasty bacterial epedemic in my 80 gallon about 6 months or so ago 4 fancies died one from dropsy one had a large open blister/wound and one had a bloody anal opening.

    so i steralized the tank took it completly apart and steralized EVERYTHING this is how

    filters and filter parts were soaked in bleach water (heavy on the bleach) over night then rinsed

    sand was boiled for 20 minutes (let the water begin boiling then adding the sand then let it boil on high for 20 minutes for all the sand in rounds of 2 cups at a time took a few days)

    airline was junked as were the bubble wands

    filter media junked

    drift wood pieces were quite tricky first i soaked them in tap water(chlorinated) over night then i attempted boiling them but it didnt work too well becuase they didnt fit in the pan so i poped them into the over at 250 degrees for 4 hours.

    the tank i scrubbed all the sand out every little bit and useing straight bleach and paper towels and a spray bottle i washed it down throughly let it dry overnight then filled it with water and 3 gallons of bleach(its 80 gallons didnt know if 3 gallons of bleach would be enough or if it would be too diluted) and i let it soak over night

    then i drained it all took clean paper towels and wiped it dry then let the tank sit empty for a week.

    the tank lid and rim were also bleached with bleach water and let to sit for a week to dry

    the rocks were boiled for 20 minutes each then were soaked in bleach water over night rinsed then soaked in clean tap water over night tap water removed the next morning and new added to soak again overnight (in case the rocks had absorbed any bleach)

    then i re-started my cycle and my tank got 2 commons and 2 fancies all seemed quite healthy i salted them and after that was done the fancies were doing ok active,happy swimming around then one day boom they were bottom sitting very next day boom dead one however had a bloody red mark on its side i took to getting stuck to the filter.

    so then i went and got a fantail very very active and no white spots,no fin issues nothing healthy looking it did great for about a week then one day boom out of the blue bottom sitting very next day boom it was dead with bloody streak around its mouth under the skin.

    soooo i again re-steralized the tank(exactly the same as before) took the remainng 2 commons out (who are doing fantasticly btw) treated them with prazi pro and put them back into the once again cycled 80 gallon.

    but i really want a fancy to put in a little oranda or a tele but i worry about it.

    is there bacterial infections fancies can get but not commons?

    should i chance brining another fancy in? do you think that bacteria could have survived all of that and affect the other fancies i had gotten?

    any and all opinions would be very welcomed becase i worry my tank still has whatever it was that killed my fish fishies and i worry that even if i QT another fish and hes doing good that if i put it in this tank it will catch whatever and die.

  5. ((((HUGS)))))) i hope everything is going alright for you (and your fishies!)

    having depression since i was very young talking to people with many forms of depression,reading countless studies and medical journals trust me your MUCH better off not being on medication.

    medication has more side effects then its worth becuase it doesnt make you happy it jsut slightly stabilizes your still going to look at your problems and they are still going to make you sad or depressed.

    try to find empowerment and things you enjoy and above all dont dwell on negative thoughts a HUGE thing they teach you in therapy is called "thought stopping"

    day one carry a notebook around with you everywhere everytime you think somthing negative or have a negative feeling write it down even small things (uhg were almost out of milk which means i have to go to the store and i dont feel like it..) or even if tis somthing youve written down 10 times already (noon:i feel so miserable today 3pm i just am feeling so miserable 7pm i really feel miserable) write it down 100 times so long as your thinking about it then at the end of the day read it over.

    what negative thoughts do you have the most?

    do they surrond any perticular event,item, feeling,ect? (exmple:thinking "im so tierd" revolves around your feeling exhuasted. or "uhg i dont want to clean the house today or i dont want to do laundry" revolves around doing boreing jobs or things you dont want to do)

    was there anything specific to keep setting them off?(everytime you husband makes mention of somthing like a household chore needing to get done or even a television comercial)

    this excersize can give you a better idea of how your going to better be able of helping yourself feel better once you have an idea of what it is your craving to make you feel better you can get to work doing.

    like if you dread housework perhapes your not getting enough you time or if your feeling like a faliure or a bad person you can work on raising your self esteem if your botherd by a lack of energy you could do some research on how to help boost energy like excersizing or eating better.

    NOW to get onto thought blocking. what thought blocking is is basically "brain washing" yourself out of feeling depressed or like dog trainers would say "reconditioning the mind to learn a certian behavior"

    so after youv written in your little note book wake up the next morning and become aware of your thoughts the first month of this is hard as hell and will test you.

    everytime you find yourself thinking nagativly in your head say "STOP" and consciencly think of somthing good instead mostly about the situation you were jsut thinking about so if you find yourself thinking

    "i feel so stuck! i have no money!" say "STOP" and perhapes think somthing else like "i may feel a little stuck right now but i can and will make it better becuase i am a strong intellegent person who can overcome this feeling"

    thinking "dang the bread is gone i HATE going to the store!" say "STOP" and instead maybe think "it will be good to get outside and get some fresh air i can have some me time in the car on the way there and listen to the radio and relax ill take the long way"

    like i said it is tough the first month but never ever let yourself think negativly becuase its easier or you want to indulge yourself.

    if your like me and are a pessamist and like indulging yourself on negative thoughts take time out in the middle of the day (NOT before getting out of bed and NOT before falling asleep) take 30 minutes of negative thinking to indulge yourself time it watch the clock once 30 minutes is up say "ok that has been fun but im done now" and begin the posative thinking.

    also while thought blocking dont lie to yourself about how you are really feeling like if your feeling nervous being around other people dont tell yourself "im not nervous thats silly im jsut fine"

    instead acknowledge that and say somthingl ike "im nervous right now at the thought of being around so many people but i will be ok im strong and i can handle this"

    right now im in therapy been working with this therapist for nearly a year now more often then not our "sessions" are us taking back and forth about our ideas on human and animal psycology :P

    also if you ever have any questions please feel free to PM me anytime

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