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  1. The reason wood from trees with sap is unsafe is due to the oils in the wood you cannot dry them out completly and you cannot boil them away they will always be in the wood. on another forum i was on many many people attempted every method possable some people dried it for years,some people boiled it severl times some people bleached it, some people sun cured it, some baked it in the oven for hours, waiting till the trees smell was gone.

    the problem is the oils continuessly leak into the tanks water and can quickly become toxic so NO you cant use fir.

    go take a walk thru the woods and find a nice old oak cut a branch rinse it,bake it, pop it into your tank done.

  2. ive been told no large water changes everywhere BUT kokos.

    when i started breeding guppies the babies needed a tank cleaning everyday due to feeding them large amount guppy breeders told me to change 25 percent daily but the tanks stunk so badly i ended up doing 99 percent daily

    did i loose quitea few babies? yes i did but i did notice i was looseing LESS adult guppies from stress later on my boyfreind STILL has a few of the guppies i bred 3 years ago and you cannot tell they are at all 3 years old still active and mateing fine.

    it also seemed my guppies sufferd LESS from things like fin rot and there fins healed quicker also many peoples fry sufferd from pin tail and i only dealt with one case of pin tail. BUT only the babies i bred the adults i purchused were not as hardy.

    on average if one of my males got a torn fin it took about 2 days to have a noticable healing differance while others i talked to would commonly lose the fish entierly

  3. yes im trying to grow me an algea wall so far so good its just starting to thick on the side wall so no scrubbing that away! i do wipe my anubis leaves off somewhat often cause betta fish always gets his food dropped on the leaves and then ignores it there so i wipe them down every few days

  4. ok i wasnt sure i used to do it every week along with my goldies tank when i first started it and had guppies but then the guppies died and it was empty then the goldies died and i didnt do any tank cleanings then i got more goldies an still had the empty 10 gallon besides the plants then got the bettaso yeah i got off schedual

  5. i was just curious how often i should clean my bettas tank? i have done tests on teh water quality after a month and the water was still good so how often should i do tank cleanings? ive been doing them every month

    its a 10 gallon tank

    just 1 betta no snails,no shrimp nothing else

    a good amount of plants (a HUGE water sprite plant,lots of duckweed,a decent sized anubis and something else dont recall the name of it!)

    a bubble wand

    and a whisper 30 which filters 150GPH i belive(i could be wrong)

    so how often SHOULD i be cleaning the tank?

    oh also i only feed once per day

  6. Where did you get the Buddha?

    The Buddha is from HomeGoods also, I have a Buddha head very similar (which can actually be seen at the top of my bookcase in one picture) but I liked the presence of the full figure (and the lotus!) better. Not a bad find for $20 although I'm sure that's more than most would spend on a single piece of decor!

    wow your tank is gorgeous i love it! and i have spent much much mroe on tank deco then a person ever should i bought a plastic giant rock for my 20 gallon when i first set it up spent 45.00 on it its now sitting in cloet hasnt been used in like 2 years.

    i also spent 100.00 bucks on fake plants most of which have since been lost or chewed up by the cats :P

    what i really should have done was spent that money on a bigger tank :D

  7. Very nice!

    My water sprite grows like mad, too. I don't fertilize it or anything, and it just grows, grows, grows. I pull off the new growth with roots and toss the big mother plant every once in a while, it's a never-ending cycle of water sprite plantlets. Once my step-mother was visiting and commented, "you have a lot of weeds in your tank". LOL!!

    HAHA!! yeh it IS turning out to b like a weed! sure will be helpful when ever i decide to toss in a few shrimp! i feel a bit bad for my betta though he cants menuver around this so i keep one end cleared for him

  8. i would like a few new plants to add to my 10 gallon as i only have 3 types.

    your tank is absolutly beautiful! i love it! i just adore planted tanks like yours heavily planted gorgeous!

    BTW i love your siggy!!!

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