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  1. wow i love your tank! its gorgeous! and i love your angel brain! gorgeous fish dont see that pattern often very pretty reminds me of a cheetah!
  2. wow how gorgeous!!! i just love the tank shape!
  3. oh no no not CLEAN clean like scrub down just water changes and syphoning
  4. ok i wasnt sure i used to do it every week along with my goldies tank when i first started it and had guppies but then the guppies died and it was empty then the goldies died and i didnt do any tank cleanings then i got more goldies an still had the empty 10 gallon besides the plants then got the bettaso yeah i got off schedual
  5. i was just curious how often i should clean my bettas tank? i have done tests on teh water quality after a month and the water was still good so how often should i do tank cleanings? ive been doing them every month its a 10 gallon tank just 1 betta no snails,no shrimp nothing else a good amount of plants (a HUGE water sprite plant,lots of duckweed,a decent sized anubis and something else dont recall the name of it!) a bubble wand and a whisper 30 which filters 150GPH i belive(i could be wrong) so how often SHOULD i be cleaning the tank? oh also i only feed once per day
  6. a kitty?? lol wow he is gorgeous!
  7. The Buddha is from HomeGoods also, I have a Buddha head very similar (which can actually be seen at the top of my bookcase in one picture) but I liked the presence of the full figure (and the lotus!) better. Not a bad find for $20 although I'm sure that's more than most would spend on a single piece of decor! wow your tank is gorgeous i love it! and i have spent much much mroe on tank deco then a person ever should i bought a plastic giant rock for my 20 gallon when i first set it up spent 45.00 on it its now sitting in cloet hasnt been used in like 2 years. i also spent 100.00 bucks on fake plants most of which have since been lost or chewed up by the cats what i really should have done was spent that money on a bigger tank
  8. HAHA!! yeh it IS turning out to b like a weed! sure will be helpful when ever i decide to toss in a few shrimp! i feel a bit bad for my betta though he cants menuver around this so i keep one end cleared for him
  9. i would like a few new plants to add to my 10 gallon as i only have 3 types. your tank is absolutly beautiful! i love it! i just adore planted tanks like yours heavily planted gorgeous! BTW i love your siggy!!!
  10. wowthey are all gorgeous! congratz!
  11. lovely tanks! cant wait to see the goldies in there new home looks great!
  12. wow your taank is gorgeous!!!
  13. WOW!!! that is one gorgeous betta!! i love him!! nice job catching this one its beautiful!
  14. congratz!! what a gorgeous tele you have!
  15. well i cant comment about the meds but i CAN comment about ordering thru foster and smith i have orderd lots of things from them from pretty much all sections (dog,cat,reptile,bird,small pet) and they are GREAT ive gotten ripped off from a few other companys i orderd from like i will NEVER EVER reccomend ordering from that pet place/the fish place i got ripped off big time sent a money order to them for 55 dollars got a letter two weeks later saying the item was out of stock 3 weeks later tried calling them to find out if it was back in stock they claimed to have NO record of me or my account number which i had on the form they sent me i talked to managers,sent copies of the form that was sent me,copy of the money order nothing never got a refund or the item i sent. i have been screwed out of money a few tiems from a few companys jsut like that but i have not been screwed from foster and smith my sister orderd a guinea pig cage from them and 3 weeks alter still hadent come she gave them a call they appoligized and without proof sent her a cage out right away and another week later sent her a SECOND cage she was thrilled to say the least but yeah great service
  16. beautiful fish!!! all of them are fat and gorgeous!
  17. wow what a gorgeous tank! so clean and clear! my tank always looks kind of dirty since it was second hand and they had glued background paper on both side so its always got a bit of a cloudy look
  18. wow the colors of them are so bright! the red really stands out on the red/ white one!
  19. gorgeous fish and gorgeous photos! i just love te names your fish have so cute and intresting!!
  20. i adored the video especielly the music! very cute and silly
  21. Love the video they are so beautiful!
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