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  1. im wondering if anyone knows the average lifespan of a blue moon gourami?

    i got mine from wally world little over 5 years ago hes pretty much been an only fish in a 20 gallon i do about 75 percent weekly water changes and he gets tropical flakes (hes picky eater and wont eat nething else) lately hes been a little sluggish nothing obvious hes still eating water prams r good im just wondering if its old age or somthing else?

  2. as some of you might know my 80 gallon tank was bought used when i got it i tried to do the best of cleaning that i could but it still looks very "used" and it is begining to drive me crazy due to all the spots and film and water deposits making for poor looking photos.

    when i bought the tank the people who had it before me had glued a paper background to both front and back of the tank and some of the glue residue still remains as does some water stains down the back (like white depostits and spots) as well as the front has water stains.

    when i brought it home i tried to use a razor blade to scrap the depostits and glue off to no avail i tried steel wool didnt work so i tried cleaners i tried windex,bleach,bleach and water,vinigar and water, for the front of the tank ive tried useing windex,bleach,vinigar,rubbing alchol,scrubber pads,razor blade, even one of those MR. clean magic eraser sponges for the outside front of the tank not inside and nothing it still looks as if i havent done a thing

    im really tierd of it. you dont notice it much untill i take a photograph but it is super annoying! before a photoshoot i always use windex on a paper towel and a scrubber brush and this is what shows up in the photos


    all these water spots and if you look in the background you can see the water stains in back and some of the glue stains.

    any advice on this would be much appreciated i have no clue what type of glue they used but it sucks

  3. IMO one big tank would be easier to deal with working alot over several 90 gallons you would only have to deal with the equipment in one tank instead of a bunch of equipment in a bunch of other tanks plus wouldnt be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to deal with the water issues in each tank withone tank you monitour the water in that one alone and can deal with it isntead of oh great water quality issues in 3 or 4 tanks. plus dealing with water changes weekly on one tank as oppose to 4

  4. Sorry about the poor quality my bulb is going dim and im going to be replaceing it on wednesday not to mention theres some brown algea on my tank walls :/

    oh and im gonna warn you now to not even bother with the sound its me coughing (got the flu)

    but just thought i would show you all how betty and marchello are doing betty is nearly completed her color change from bronze to orange and marchello is almost surpassing betty in growth.


  5. awww dang! i decided not to have a planted tank cause i didnt feel like messing with bulbs lol oh well guess i will pick up and grow bulb and grow some green algea i tried growing green algea in my 10 gallon planted tank was growing sooo darn good on the side wall was getting thick and lush then all of a sudden the patch got smaller,and smaller,and smaller. but theres no signs of brown algea in that tank which is good.

  6. i jsut wish i could have atleast gotten a few pictures Gosh it was pretty never seen one like it the entire body was pure white no spots or speckles just white the eyes were black and the tail fins was black with some orange in the center and the top and side fins were all black but what was so neat was there was little to no black running into the bodys white color it was like diliberatly painted it was awsome

  7. My goldy tank is not planted it doesnth ave a grow light jsut a normal bulb dont even get green algea in there.

    but my 10 gallon betta tank ive got lots of duck weed so i decided instead of tossing it out to toss some intot he goldy tank for betty and marchello to munch.

    well i tossed in quite a bit and after about 2 weeks its all gone. but ive noticed a brown sludge on the walls of the tank i did a huge wanter change becuase i first i thought it was the water itself.

    but after adding new water it was still brown noticed it was clung to the glass scrubbed it off came right back.

    could it be brown algea or somthing else? what do i do with it other them continuesly scrub it off?

  8. so i live in upper MI where your atleast 40 minutes away from anything(including wal-mart)

    i dont get to the pet stoers very often due to how far away they are theres 4 places to buy goldies from around me

    one is 45 minute drive,one is an hour drive and two are 2 1/2 hour drive.

    so i used to get really nice fish from the 45 min drive pet store but they have since gotten a new owner and have poor tanks so i rarley even look at the fish from them anymore then theres the hour drive away where they have nice tanks but only ever had feeders and fantails (nothing wrong with fantails but ive been itching for either a calico oranda or a calico tele)

    well my sister had to take a run up to the hour away pet store and asked if i wanted to tag along i said sure what the heck didnt bother to bring any money jsut thought i would go for the ride.

    well guess what i seen in the goldy tanks?? for the very first time in like a year

    they had a few orandas a pearl scale and a few butterfly tails!!!!!

    they were gorgeous!!! one was pure white tele with a black and orange tail and black fins OMG it was gorgoues!!! it was only 6.99 i wanted it bad but didnt bring any money i asked my sisetr if i could barrow the the money but sheh ad only brought enough for gas and the speciel whitening shampoo she needed for her dog.

    so i asked my boyfreind if i paid for gas if we could go back up today he said sure we got up there and every tele was gone :cry

    the women who worked there was like "oh you should have come in yesterday! we had some gorgeous ones but a man came in and bought a 55 gallon and 8 goldies for it.

    im so bummed about it! i really want a fish that stands out to me and makes me dieing to have it that was what the little butterfly tail was but oh well i guess maybe ill learn to always take some money with me! it jsut figures htough everytime i DO take money with me they never have ones i want.

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