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  1. Sorry about the poor quality my bulb is going dim and im going to be replaceing it on wednesday not to mention theres some brown algea on my tank walls :/ oh and im gonna warn you now to not even bother with the sound its me coughing (got the flu) but just thought i would show you all how betty and marchello are doing betty is nearly completed her color change from bronze to orange and marchello is almost surpassing betty in growth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=embKz8CWTGU&list=UUAV2SM2TuR4IIX13KWJhe2w&index=1&feature=plcp
  2. awww poor girl! im sure she appreciates the lack of boys chaseing her now
  3. awww dang! i decided not to have a planted tank cause i didnt feel like messing with bulbs lol oh well guess i will pick up and grow bulb and grow some green algea i tried growing green algea in my 10 gallon planted tank was growing sooo darn good on the side wall was getting thick and lush then all of a sudden the patch got smaller,and smaller,and smaller. but theres no signs of brown algea in that tank which is good.
  4. i jsut wish i could have atleast gotten a few pictures Gosh it was pretty never seen one like it the entire body was pure white no spots or speckles just white the eyes were black and the tail fins was black with some orange in the center and the top and side fins were all black but what was so neat was there was little to no black running into the bodys white color it was like diliberatly painted it was awsome
  5. yeh it sucks but oh well wasnt meant to be i suppose. just keep waiting for that perfect little goldy!
  6. its jsut strange it began to grow cause like i said this tank isnt set up for growing its jsut a normal florecent bulb no grow light. :/
  7. My goldy tank is not planted it doesnth ave a grow light jsut a normal bulb dont even get green algea in there. but my 10 gallon betta tank ive got lots of duck weed so i decided instead of tossing it out to toss some intot he goldy tank for betty and marchello to munch. well i tossed in quite a bit and after about 2 weeks its all gone. but ive noticed a brown sludge on the walls of the tank i did a huge wanter change becuase i first i thought it was the water itself. but after adding new water it was still brown noticed it was clung to the glass scrubbed it off came right back. could it be brown algea or somthing else? what do i do with it other them continuesly scrub it off?
  8. so i live in upper MI where your atleast 40 minutes away from anything(including wal-mart) i dont get to the pet stoers very often due to how far away they are theres 4 places to buy goldies from around me one is 45 minute drive,one is an hour drive and two are 2 1/2 hour drive. so i used to get really nice fish from the 45 min drive pet store but they have since gotten a new owner and have poor tanks so i rarley even look at the fish from them anymore then theres the hour drive away where they have nice tanks but only ever had feeders and fantails (nothing wrong with fantails but ive been itching for either a calico oranda or a calico tele) well my sister had to take a run up to the hour away pet store and asked if i wanted to tag along i said sure what the heck didnt bother to bring any money jsut thought i would go for the ride. well guess what i seen in the goldy tanks?? for the very first time in like a year they had a few orandas a pearl scale and a few butterfly tails!!!!! they were gorgeous!!! one was pure white tele with a black and orange tail and black fins OMG it was gorgoues!!! it was only 6.99 i wanted it bad but didnt bring any money i asked my sisetr if i could barrow the the money but sheh ad only brought enough for gas and the speciel whitening shampoo she needed for her dog. so i asked my boyfreind if i paid for gas if we could go back up today he said sure we got up there and every tele was gone the women who worked there was like "oh you should have come in yesterday! we had some gorgeous ones but a man came in and bought a 55 gallon and 8 goldies for it. im so bummed about it! i really want a fish that stands out to me and makes me dieing to have it that was what the little butterfly tail was but oh well i guess maybe ill learn to always take some money with me! it jsut figures htough everytime i DO take money with me they never have ones i want.
  9. aww he sure is pretty congratz! cant wait till you get it all planted itll look gorgeous!
  10. ohhh very very pretty! ill bet they will make some gorgeous babies!
  11. The reason wood from trees with sap is unsafe is due to the oils in the wood you cannot dry them out completly and you cannot boil them away they will always be in the wood. on another forum i was on many many people attempted every method possable some people dried it for years,some people boiled it severl times some people bleached it, some people sun cured it, some baked it in the oven for hours, waiting till the trees smell was gone. the problem is the oils continuessly leak into the tanks water and can quickly become toxic so NO you cant use fir. go take a walk thru the woods and find a nice old oak cut a branch rinse it,bake it, pop it into your tank done.
  12. ive been told no large water changes everywhere BUT kokos. when i started breeding guppies the babies needed a tank cleaning everyday due to feeding them large amount guppy breeders told me to change 25 percent daily but the tanks stunk so badly i ended up doing 99 percent daily did i loose quitea few babies? yes i did but i did notice i was looseing LESS adult guppies from stress later on my boyfreind STILL has a few of the guppies i bred 3 years ago and you cannot tell they are at all 3 years old still active and mateing fine. it also seemed my guppies sufferd LESS from things like fin rot and there fins healed quicker also many peoples fry sufferd from pin tail and i only dealt with one case of pin tail. BUT only the babies i bred the adults i purchused were not as hardy. on average if one of my males got a torn fin it took about 2 days to have a noticable healing differance while others i talked to would commonly lose the fish entierly
  13. hum maybe craft or fabric stores? i really hope your able to do this to a tank sounds adoarble would love to see pics!
  14. what a cute little fishy! so tiny! ill bet hes happy to have so much space for swimming!
  15. oh i love them all very cute my fav is clemintine thou just love her face and her name is so fitting
  16. h they are gorgeous! i especielly like orange fishie ^^
  17. i dunno i was thinking ryukin too but then it looks like it could be a fantail also :/ sure is a gorgeous fishy!! love that gorgous flowy tail
  18. huh? A kitty? I don't understand? but thank you! cause the title of your thread is "guess what i got" i guessed "a kitty?"
  19. yes im trying to grow me an algea wall so far so good its just starting to thick on the side wall so no scrubbing that away! i do wipe my anubis leaves off somewhat often cause betta fish always gets his food dropped on the leaves and then ignores it there so i wipe them down every few days
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